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The Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Is the Ultimate $1.5 Million Pickup Truck

Main The Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Is the Ultimate $1.5 Million Pickup Truck

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    Doug DeMuro

    It's a six-wheeled DougCember miracle!


    You need to build the scaffold to work on the engine.

    Bill Zidis

    I don't understand with so many views and subscribers why not rent a crew with many cameras and a second vehicle to record you? Your content is good but the production value is 0

    flis Flip

    G is for Greta


    This is a man in his mid life crisis' wet dream lol


    Roof liner storage unit: for people who like being showered in stuff each time they accelerate…

    Travis Brand

    I wouldn’t buy that for over 20k. Their a piece of crap


    all good but we in Europe dont need no stupid cup holders everywhere in the car to enjoy it. you just drink your coffee on the spot and of you go

    Giome Omari

    4:53, if you take a closer look at the front side window, you can see a crowd of people applauding and waving their hands…


    nobody on this planet needs BS like this! Its a stupid and ridiculous waste of EVERYTHING!!!

    Blaster’s Den

    Reminds me of the Compensator Truck from the game Saints Row


    Love that Dough can't help but laugh at how awful and idiotic that "truck" it. LOL. I swear, how do they keep finding idiots to buy these things?

    Zachary Laino


    Jake OZ

    Yeah, definitely getting the Cybertruck now… gotta one up em ya know?

    ulSi daEre

    How to throw away $1.5 Million? Buy a Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

    Objective Reality

    Hey doug…. a few suggestions ….. an older 911 gt2, the crazy wide body 993 ideally. A real group b car, road legal but full spec. A couple of ' cars of the year' maybe, bit boring but important, old renault alpine , e39 530d/i se ( regarded my many as the best mass car ever made) , 850R ? Uk hot hatches ? 205 gti , ax gti, R5 Turbo etc…
    Also maybe a few more classic reviews, maybe with a different score system, maybe.

    Nick Caloroso

    You can never have enough LED lights!


    I want to see a race between this and a Hennessy Velociraptor

    Really Simple TV

    Doug forgot to tell what is fuel consumption!

    Alex D.

    Wow, that thing…

    Khaled Alseiari

    doug is the type of guy to buy a deaf person noise cancelling headphones

    Jaiden Zhou

    I've never seen a glk in Australia

    Mohammad Reza Esmaili

    GLK never been manufactured as a right hand drive


    Finally a car that isn't too small for Doug

    A sami rahiab

    why u dont take some shots wen u drive these cars
    we are here to see these cars not your beautifull face only

    Big red

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    This just screams “GTA 5” for me

    Archibald Tuttle

    The guy that looks small behind the truck

    Antriv Singh

    It's a white Brabus!? That's weird

    The Panther

    Isn’t that Dan Bilzerian’s old ride?


    ohh German Hummer H1 Alpha

    Chris Waldrup

    Any nice vehicle over 40k is showing off when you think about it. Everyone could buy a base model Kia. They don’t tho. So whether you buy a upscale model Camry or an Enzo or the 6*6 it’s all because you want to look nice. And it’s all because you want to enjoy yourself in whatever your in. And life being as short as it is yep give me the 6*6 and haters be damned.


    Can you review a v class please?

    Eric Giddio

    We don't get the GLK here in Australia by the way Doug….



    That'll be $ 2,986.42 sir


    First Last

    It looks so ugly next to a cybertruck.

    Brandon Clark

    South Africa…
    From one of your few viewers here with electricity… Search Load Shedding and you'll understand.
    VW,AUDI,MERC,BMW,RangeRover and Toyota have to be the most loved vehicles here.
    No imagination.
    Great reviews Doug… Please do some Micro cars, would be quite funny to watch.

    sedat ok

    Next review maybach G Wagon please

    Maciej Załucki

    4:27 I don't believe it's coincidence. Water dripping directly onto Mercedes logo mirrored in puddle on the floor.

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