Saturday, March 25, 2023

THE MIATA IS FIXED!!! V8Roadsters Cadillac Diff Conversion

Main THE MIATA IS FIXED!!! V8Roadsters Cadillac Diff Conversion

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    Well, I had no idea what I was in for the day I decided to build a big power Miata. Everyone’s journey will be a little different, some more difficult than others!


    so happy for you to see it finally fixed. it would be interesting to drop that old drivetrain to another miata to see if it would do the same, just for science

    Stephen Le Roux

    So stoked its all fixed up now! Congrats!

    Ian M

    Would have been funny if you had a platform 2 feet below to lay on underneath the car while it was on the lift.

    DAve Atkins

    Your vibration problem was inner cv joint on your rear axels

    Ben Rogue

    Damn man, seeing that MX-5 rear end on the hoist; SEXY AF!


    Shit man. This issue gave you a lot of pretty good content to put up. Good shit! Happy for you!

    Joshua Chandra

    I'm curious to know how much she weighs now

    Luke D’Alessandro

    So happy for you my man good work

    Quincy Rocker

    I'm glad you finally got it man. It's been a struggle. Now we can see some sicc Mexico runs😎

    Gabe Ayres

    Fuck yeah man, stoked for you!

    ɹǝʇʇnɹ pɹɐɥɔıɹ

    Props for keeping at it and getting beyond such a long term problem. No poxy 86 for this channel boiii


    Super happy for you Greg! I'm wondering how cheap someone could do the transmission/diff swap with as much DIY as possible. You give me bad ideas about going for more than 250hp eventually

    Noah Fagerlund

    Happy for you man 🙂


    SO happy for you Greg! I know the EXACT feeling you are having (re: ITS FIXED!!!) having had so many nasty issues myself. I /really/ need to get on top of saving for my own ZF/Getrag swap…



    Hazard Built

    Back to hurting mustang feelings again. Glad to see it back to good running order. Good job. Keep it up. You should get another Miata and do a full n/a build on it… just saying lol


    Wow! G man, that's the best to finally overcome the gremlins of DT vibration. I can safely say the Miata community has learnt much from your troubles, excellent vids, efforts and keeping at it till it's done… and done well. Cheers!

    Brendan Gallagher

    Are you gonna drive it at TMP?


    Much happy that you finally fixed it


    It's so weird that these are considered upgrades for miatas because they are known for being "glass diffs" in the cts-v. I know weight, traction, and torque are the big differences but it's just crazy to me.

    Kyle Gibson

    Is it stupid to think it could of been an axle? Stoked it's fixed!!!!

    Cameron belleven

    Thankyou for this video, I needed motivation to finish my swap! I've had all the stuff to do what you did for a 2 years or more now.


    What a relief

    steve aguero

    Congrats on finally fixing it

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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