Monday, March 27, 2023

The Minivan Is Getting One Of the Craziest Turbo Manifolds We've Ever Seen!

Main The Minivan Is Getting One Of the Craziest Turbo Manifolds We've Ever Seen!

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    This Manifold came out so good! Huge thanks to Hayden for helping out with it. Be sure to go give him a follow …


    The Kraken

    nick payne

    Turn the first 2 y pipes 90 degrees so you save some height.

    asioe kiou

    Hayden is a magician! Beautiful work! He should be proud of that piece of art!

    Jordan Martz

    Hayden skills (thumbs up)


    Equal length is more important in turbo applications.

    Mike Frey

    FFOP… Four fingers of power (manifold)

    Trial N’ ERROR

    Call it a Boost Tuba

    Timmy H

    A tri y header helps to build more torque? I'm thinking?πŸ€”πŸ»


    That manifold is fucking insane looking lol


    The quadrapus


    Squiddy πŸ˜€ That sounds cool πŸ™‚

    Kimmo Nieminen

    That's some crazy craftmanship!!


    Manifold name : grootfold

    Bubba Brown

    I vote for The kraken

    Bubba Brown



    The "Rowdusa"

    Christian Groiß

    Looks sick nice welding!!

    Stupid Fast

    that is one of the sickest manifolds i have ever seen!

    stang eazy

    The webifold

    24K Vision

    Manifold Name: Y2K ❗️❕


    a 421 header does help an n/a car . cant wait to see how much it does on a turbo car though


    a full exhaust with an integrated wastegate would be nuts sleeper status

    Daniela Y Dj Garcia

    bisiMoto want to run if there's a call out J's I think I heard you say you wanted to run him like a year ago then the van was first gettin put together


    for the name, I was thinking either Hydra or Leviathan


    Looks sick


    Looks like UEL SUBARU header

    Carl Renshaw

    Are you gonna make a brace. My welds cracked at head base with just a 66mm on my integra made by Schmuck.

    Carl Renshaw

    She's gonna be a gap god

    Night Guy Hakai


    Alex Verity

    Moms spaghetti

    Ralph Menta

    The exhaust scavenging is way more efficient with the setup like that. 4in1 collectors work ok but the multiple merges with the correct cylinders increase correct flow and turbo spool. Everything looks great, she is gonna be a ripper and a half.

    Michael Navarro

    Part time welder. Holy crap. Looks pro at min. Just amazing Haden πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜±

    Jason Grady

    The "rowdassey tri-Y" is a good name

    Michael Rivera

    Why the fuck did Hayden retire from doing manifolds. That shit is sick

    Adam Loader

    Looks fantastic 🀩 it’s going to be so wicked!

    Kyle Letcher

    You guys are all thinking of the exact same song…!

Viewing 37 posts - 1 through 37 (of 37 total)
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