Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Mr2 Is Now Ready For NO LIFT SHIFTS!

Main The Mr2 Is Now Ready For NO LIFT SHIFTS!

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    Parachaute is burnt now

    pedro gonzalez

    Ia so amazing


    I use a racelogic box that shows I take 300ms to change gear with my h pattern manual. You should be able to half that with that system. 500 is way too slow imo.

    Miguel Grau
    Alley Dee

    I thought Fong had an Audi badge on the front of his crx then I realised it was the throttle body trumpets…


    Isn't there an overhead vehicle exaust extraction system that came with the building that was shown in one of the first videos in this shop


    The MR2 passed the Cleetus test, 2-step knocking him off his feet.

    Chris Alvarez

    I use my n2bm wotbox at 175ms on my hpattern srt4


    Now I get it. Didn't quit understand it at first.

    john bell

    This is why I loved the boosted boys. They actually do all the builds themselves unlike alot of other car youtubers. ""cough: adamlz"

    Daniel Cortes

    Pong needs a bigger pump

    Sean Paul

    You can literally see the disappointment in Jamie's face when your giving that dude Matt all the credit that guys always there for all of you. Kinda shitty Kyle honestly not cool

    Team Ground Zero



    Have you considered a wheelie bar?

    Josh Chaparro

    Hope my supercharger build puts down power 🥺


    New subscriber here! LUVIN THE MR2!! <3


    Where’s emilios Supra?

    ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ

    Kyle; "We need to turn that back down."
    Brent; "I don't know about that."


    Can’t believe Roman did that to y’all smh good thing y’all kick him out

    Has dac

    When is Boosted boiz going to get their own quarter mile track.😀

    Joelsays iLoveyou

    Hit the green button! Love you Kyle 🎉

    Rob Bass

    Mount the go pro over the parachute on the wing, while doing the 2 step.

    Alex Chulzhanov

    Hopefully the weather holds up this Saturday. Super excited to see the MR2 in person

    Sean Mc Gee

    You cry for me?

    TrevSkee Cannon

    6:48 is that Hector?



    James Diamond

    You should put the mr2 on your four point scales. Before you take it to get an alignment. Use the coilovers to distribute the weight evenly.

    Goaty McGoatface

    Kyle: "We might have to turn it down"
    Brent: "Not in this shop, buddy."

    Car stuff with Steve
Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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