Monday, March 27, 2023

The New Engine Comes To Life (First Start Up!): Jimmy Resto Ep.13

Main The New Engine Comes To Life (First Start Up!): Jimmy Resto Ep.13

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    Subscribe today to catch all my upcoming project episodes and reviews! In today’s video, we’ll be getting the Jimmy running once again!

    Tim Sket

    Love the videos. I use to have a 1994 GMC Jimmy. Now I have a 1992 GMC Sonoma and love it. Always trying to find things to do to it in my spare time.


    Love to see the house build


    Coool guy. Cool life.

    Prairie State Auto Restorations

    It didn’t sound bad with open headers.


    That's a good friend to have. You can tell, instantly that he knows what he's doing. I've seen way to many guys, 'pretend' to know and just guess and make incorrect assumptions. Joseph clearly has his sh*t together. Nicely done.

    Doc Will Joe

    No Super charged man

    Rob Leone

    Don't get me wrong these videos are awesome, and the work you've done is AWESOME on this car. But am I missing something here? Why a GMC Jimmy? You have some other really cool cars like the malibu and 240 to work on. What's so cool about a GMC Jimmy? (Not trying to be rude)

    Ash Bayer

    Damn! Some beautiful restoration work and modifying going into that jimmy, what a lucky car.


    engine smoke dont breath this. havnt heard that in a while


    Good times.


    from car reviews to rebuild projects!! best change ever keep this content coming bro

    Joel Siciliano

    Should 5speed swap one of them at some point.


    I know exactly what you mean with car projects taking for ever and much longer than you originally planned on. But that's just what it is when you want to make thinks right. You'll get there, the Jimmy looks awesome so far!

    Mister_salchicha 2.0

    Your car builds are so clean

    FC Autos

    Your content just keep getting better and better. Congrats!

    Adam Pierce

    Looking awesome man I live it


    I want to see the Jimmy finished because it's so close!

    John Grytbakk

    So nice these old Jimmy¨s. …..great work on rescuing it.

    Henry Chamberlin

    is there going to be a house restomod in like 50 ears lol

    Davidson Mott

    You should do content on your house build.

    Pass the Salt

    People who don’t blink are serial killers

    Pass the Salt

    Wow ur ugly

    Dale Cocking

    Is there a reason why you went with a stock style exhaust in stead of a true dual system?


    You gotta finish the build off with fresh paint! That green and gold will look awesome new

    Jack of all trades King of NONE !

    Good work man

    Jonathan Barger

    Really cool man good work!!


    I would love to do a complete rebuild like this on my cherokee. Way too much money right now for me. So i just do the best I can to keep it running. It would be awesome to see him do a rebuild of a Jeep Cherokee.

    classic kool

    Great progress! 👍

    The Real Talk W/ Big Walt

    Great job. Love the video bro. Can’t wait til the next video.

    Brandon Lauer

    nice HAAS shirt

    Archie Bunker

    You should let us know how much this has cost you so far, just in case someone on here would be interested in doing the same thing.


    9:38 is that a Blendtec reference?😂

    accobra c

    @Saabkyle04 You're going to hate yourself if you ever have to pull the transmission

    James Felix

    Love your videos on the jimmy. Super cool👍

    Matthew Beaver

    Hey Kyle, a personal question, do you like your beard as it is or do you plan on shaving it? Just asking.


    Square body love knows no bounds. I love this build!

    Ryan Greenwaldt

    Should try to get the odometer down to 0!

    Cody Marshall

    Nice Jimmy


    Kyle is starting to look like a hardcore trucker 😂

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