Monday, March 20, 2023

The NEWEST Illiminate Member!

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    Today we introduce you to Illiminate’s newest member! Click here for new illiminate merch! Check out Vu’s Channel: …

    Tj Hunt

    lmao this thumbnail made my day

    Jake Uchiha

    Click fuckin bateee

    KiNO STi

    Emi's gonna be one of those cool skateboarding dogs 🛹🐕🤘🏻🔥

    p l x g

    Work wheels if u watched its sonny’s
    Ytb video

    Hayden De wet

    4:30 life goals

    Rayhan S

    Work wheels 🙂

    fernando perez

    Work wheels if you watched sonny's vlog

    Tyler Antonio

    Sonny leaked the sponsor in his video 😂

    Dawson Nguyen

    clean tricks on the board

    Acuamen 27

    Emi probably got the biggest D than the whole crew 😂

    chief woolly

    It's WORKS (I hope😂)

    Jon m

    Content is stale AF.
    Randy's arrogance growing daily.
    Rip illiminate


    Everyone’s cars are lookin clean!

    chief woolly

    Bro I'm wearing the exact same shoes as u😂

    _Ratchet Em1

    Work wheels!!! So sick you got the sponsor bro!

    Chris Chan

    Some work boxes under the stairs lol

    Jordan Rose

    Work wheels

    Matt Hockett

    Lmao Brian: “I need nos”


    Can’t wait for the nsx😍😍

    Da Real

    YO!!! Where da FOOK IS VUE!!?!?

    Miriam Garcia


    Doc Ferdz

    fuck the excuses, randy is getting lazy on the uploads. there's a lot of youtubers that is busier than him but still uploading more often than him.

    Ronit Sood

    1:35 one car can't hurt that much

    Dennis Lopez

    What happen to your brother

    Brandon Lor

    Emi Vtec kicked in


    I haven’t been able to tune in recently. What happened to Christian Ngo?

    Diego Iniguez

    that feeble was solid 😂😂

    Israel Jaimes

    Work wheels (if you watched Sonny’s video)

    Alexis Corona

    Yo its lit

    Mitchell Fahy

    Put more power in the R32

    Fikri Firdaus

    BRO we already saw the wheel sponsor on Sonny's video. Where KT wore it.

    Aaron Pagaduan

    Dudeinblue please. He's a real car enthusiast


    Your old content is better , wtf happened lmao your content now is ass

    Tony Nguyen

    Only the OG subscriber's remember when Christian, Randy and Sonny use to go skating at the skate park together 😭😭


    Love the videos and that 300zx

    Joseph Honrado

    Buy a supra randy


    Works… you wanted in japan homie😉

    zachary Muguerza

    This was the cutest video I’ve ever seen

    Johnny Su

    Work x Illiminate !

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 47 total)
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