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The Nissan 370Z Nismo Is Outdated and Overpriced

Main The Nissan 370Z Nismo Is Outdated and Overpriced

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! SIGN UP FOR TURO! The Nissan 370Z Nismo is an exciting sports car — but it’s …

    Jake Kennedy

    Infotainment system is the same as the G37. It’s literally a much better system than the Q50. Much better!


    Doug is the type of guy who takes off shoes before getting in a car.


    Wait are you in New Orleans? Florida?

    Shiny Chariot

    doug u are stupid. u like dumb cars and hate on the cool cars ppl like. stick to reviewing crossover suv and station wagons u idiot

    Keith Flagg

    Why is the tech so old in cars all the time 😂


    It's criminal that Nissan still sells the 370z without updating it


    You should have a goode look at yourself, same thing………………


    It's dead obvious after 30 seconds that you don't like it.

    Влад Павлиди

    Hey Doug ! Plz Make video about Rare Honda CRX

    Laurens Jespers

    I have a 2018 model and it has touchscreen 😂

    Let's be honest, this car's full manual and oldschool. I can't help but like the thing.


    8:32 since the Nissan is a Japanese car, and so was designed as a right-hand drive, that extra storage space IS on the driver's side, just not for you driving-on-the-wrong-side freaks in the USA 😉


    This wasn’t a review. This was a roast. 😂

    O K

    Only Japanese cars have blank switches. Never European cars

    Dragon Systems

    Or……. you could buy a car made this decade and get walk-away autolock…. just sayin….

    baby scrotum

    i wish i could see owner of this cars faces when they have to use a spare and find a subwoofer lol

    Jenny D

    Give my butthole your doug score

    Marc Linhardt

    I have a 2014 manual infiniti version of 370z. Touchscreen comment was a big miss by doug. Overall it is disappointing 3 years later the tech isn't better as it is unchanged. Even my 2008 Altima Coupe had the same general fonts and buttons. I love my car, but Nissan road the tech pony too long.

    James jones

    I put my clock in the car 5 minutes ahead, so I can feel I’m late for work.

    Michel Antunes

    Getting super snooty….

    Ricardo Rivero

    They should make an updated version to compete with the Supra

    G F

    47000$? Batter buy a Supra with 400+ torque

    Just_guy_ stuff

    To me the interior reminds me of a Pontiac

    Keaton Belliston

    Now review a 350Z Nismo and see how they compare!


    The Audi TTRS eats this thing for breakfast!

    Austin Triplett

    This car has always looked horrible


    thank you for pointing out the obvious, doug.

    Kostas Froudarakis

    I like how this is a review where the Z is being mocked and ridiculed by the guy with the car that got stranded because the battery ground wasn't done properly… in a $150k car…

    Emil van de Bruck

    I think the 350z is way better, just because it is outdated but because it is produced until 2008. The 370z looks worse and is just not up to date and if you buy a 2017 car you want it to be up to date. you can get the 350z for very little money and it looks way better in my opinion. Also the awesome 3.5 liter V6 with it’s amazing sound is worth every penny


    This car is more than a decade old. Its basically a facelifted 350z and that came out in 2003

    Tim Wolf

    Over priced junk …

    Sam S

    Nissan has never been one to refresh their vehicles all that often and they have ridiculously long model life cycles compared to pretty much any other automaker. so this is not surprising

    Mario M

    Hey Doug, I think you need to drive the car the way it was intended and not just around the block. It’s obvious you know absolutely nothing about its capabilities. All you did in your review was to state how old it is and how a Mustang is a better deal. But what you failed to realize is that the 370z Nismo is a unique class of car for the price. It is a pure 2-seater, front/mid engined rear-wheel drive sports car that is tuned to be an excellent track weapon. It’s not a 1/4 mile car and was never designed to compete with muscle cars. It’s all about the feel and handling with this car. Yes it is a 10 year old design. But, that is probably a good thing when it comes to sports cars. Classic feel (hydraulic steering, NA, 7500rpm redline, etc) in a new package.

    John S

    Yes, it's the old man of the bunch but as a 2nd hand weekend fun car sitting beside your station wagon it's fine for $15-20k

    Dom Von Hutch

    I think the infotainment system is great – buttons are great, it's a driver focused car and was the first I believe to have autonomous rev matching in the manual version. Porsche then brought that into play years latter with the 991.2

    Benjamin Thorndike

    I forgot they still sold these


    No wonder the car sells so poorly, they were on mind altering drugs during the design phase?..No spare tire, are you kidding me?


    Adding minutes to the time is useful as a psychological effect. You glance over the clock and you see, it's already 9:15 and you're supposed to be somewhere at 9:30, so you go and rush a little to make it. And when you finally reach your destination at 9:29 you still have 6 minutes to spare.


    This video has been hilarious!

    MPK Edits

    Nissan and Toyota these days arnt all that exciting as the good old days

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