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The Pros & Cons Of The K20 Honda Civic Type R Engine!

Main The Pros & Cons Of The K20 Honda Civic Type R Engine!

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    This week on Project Prelude, Alex heads to Honda Specialist UK to discuss the Lude’s future engine – the awesome K20! BUY AFTERMARKET PARTS AND …

    Alex Hickey

    Reminds me so much of my familys 1989 honda integra

    Cut de Pie Fails

    Red is so bimbo. Why would you do that to a nice silver prelude?


    Love this guys passion!


    4 cylinder engine =(


    Shame the poisoned dwarf Mayor put the kybosh on driving these classics around in London ๐Ÿ˜ค


    People really waste money in that ugly prelude the best one for me was the 2000 shape ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    The True Divinity

    You should drag race as many of your custom builds as possible e.g Phil VS Miles VS Toto VS Floyd etc

    Rafael Barbosa

    I subscribed as soon as I heard the soundtrack (and because I run a k20 under the hood, of course)


    Hopefully you keep it a built NA. Milano Red is nice, my first car was that colour although it faded a bit and looked more pink on the boot lid ๐Ÿ˜‚. Champ white is also really nice.

    SUGAR-3-ME –

    Mechanic defo knows his stuff

    Inga Ekkerte

    Better k24 vtec


    hope you like a 4×4 or a cut hood buddy.

    El Duderino

    I am so damn excited about this build!

    Andrew Alberico

    i love this fucking series im waiting for more!!!

    Jesse kitchen

    funny all these comments loom up non vtec turbo h
    23 then look at tq numbers

    jesse alvarez

    This series makes me want to track down another 3rd gen, I miss mine.


    This guy talks a big game… that is a shitload of work good luck mate.


    This guy could sell me a honda within seconds

    Eric Serrano


    Eric Serrano

    H-swap or 1.8b

    ไฝ่—ค – Satล

    My FD2 does NOT APPROVE of the K24


    Le trolly.


    Would love to kswap an old rover for the lols

    layth salah

    Okay so just wondering can the k20 fit in my Toyota IQ or shall i just go and buy an EP3 Type r instead and run them both. Toyota IQ will never be sold!


    Oh look someone else doing your work for you again, not even suprised.

    BOC Built

    When a CRX gets a K swap is now called a KRX lol i love CRXs i owned 5 and Iโ€™m currently building a 89 blade silver turbo B series

    Cam Martin

    This is the type of knowledge im hoping to get out of my automotive systems engineering degree


    When Alex has watched too much boostedboiz and wants some of their sauce!


    Cannot wait for the finished result!

    Pr0bleM I-Gear

    It may be faster than Phil, but Phil is still better. #RWD4life


    A lude Toto…. :))))

    Emilio Fierro

    F cancr guys

    demonchild 74

    I had one of these for a little while, I loved it, it was given to me buy my friends dad when they had to go into wpp, I don't know what was done to the engine but it sounded like a rotary and was really really quick, it went missing when I went to jail for 6 months, never found out what happened to it.

    Deftones Dsm

    Used to have one of these in Si trim. Great fun car


    Why can't you break?? Can you replace ABS?


    Seeing a new Car Throttle video in my inbox makes my day brighter


    fuckin badassssss


    Yep, i like this.. Good memory's came up when i saw that white type 2.. i had a white one 2 1989. I have a subscription too the K cartel on instagram, but i have more experiance with the B series.. But for what i have seen? Grandpa is getting some ginger up his ass.. Bwahahaha.

    Suriyani Bt Mahmud

    Why does this video sound muffled?

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