Monday, March 20, 2023

The RB25DET 4 Door Skyline Pulls!!!

Main The RB25DET 4 Door Skyline Pulls!!!

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    The RB25DET swap is finally complete and we get to drive it officially in today’s video! Huge thank you to @bl4ckfl4g, @supermario_bmx, @likewiseluke and …

    Chilling Dog

    4 door shit

    alex lee

    What’s the new car?


    6:50 this dude looks like Geoff from More Skids


    anybody know what state and city illiminate is from

    Bruno Sammartino

    Everyone that wants more subs or likes on their videos drop your name & do the same so all of us could be rich together ❤️

    Amber Fernandez

    where’s the s13 😭😭😭

    Codrey Nozid

    Best sounding 4door car

    Christian Hernandez

    Dope 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Robert Rous

    upgrade quality of the illiminate lanyards 😉

    brian vera

    Thomas: You haven’t seen meet the Robinsons?
    Randy: No…
    Thomas: Ight ima head out 🚶🏼‍♂️😂😂

    Robert Godinez

    Randy I never got my illiminatexwork wheels shirt ?? U still sending them out?


    Sick meeting you at drift central! Matt’s the homie!! Too bad we couldn’t skate I would’ve gave you a good game🤟

    Ivan Treto

    Shits crazy I havent watched the boy randy in like a year and I got the chance to meet them at there first meet and now I come back and they're in there own warehouse dope to see the big moves illiminate🤘




    I'm going to have to start to catch up from the last video i watched of your guys, Give me 2 days ill be caught up hopefully…

    Edit: Might take longer than that … a week or 2 … I've been watching this channel since 62k Subs or something

    Messijohny 123


    Jesus Olivas

    Real friends when they warn you that dips are near lol

    Kunthoro Anindhito

    do you like something about wire tuck??

    N-Joi Beats

    the only prostitute here is randy 😂10:40 jk lol

    Tyler Nguyen

    Hey guys! new to the car scene and was wondering how to get the flutter in your exhaust!~ thanks a ton in advance!


    s13 still gone dang

    Vince Coupe

    Love it papi

    Jason Nguyen

    I'm glad you got the car up and running smooth, Randy! Shit sounds FUEGSSSSSS. Thanks for inspiring me to do YouTube! Hope to be able to drive out to San Jose someday & meet you guys!


    That's a cupler & that's a couple of dumb asses. Im DED

    Shinobi Max

    Can y’all help me change my head gasket 🥺 pls I’m poor

    SleepyMonkey 714

    Randy, bring it down to the Japanese Classic Car Show this month on the 28th here in Long Beach ❣✌

    Abraham Esparza

    My boiz love you guys! Always positive


    sounds so fucking nice

    mr deceived

    New car randy i know what it is and I'm pumped to see it

    Brokeboyzsociety Ent

    Goodshit happy to see the driftsedan up and running now swing check that shit randy lol next video

    Edgar Martinez

    Use the grom or sell me it 😁

    Marc Juarez

    Randy u should do another stolen car prank

    Will Sanctuary

    WHERE IS THE S13????? Its been ages!

    Maria Saavedra

    Who GONA tune ur drift taxi randy ???


    How’s Kevin Jude doin ?


    Freaking love your channel always makes me laugh and I love your R32 can’t wait to get one when I grow up ❤️

    Slow Mojoe gaming

    8:25 when your friend shows you their car and its 10 times faster than yours

    Official. Mr.kenzaki

    I have 4 car but i can't use any one of those hahaha car enthuasist problems

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