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    Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Cody Parsons

    Hey Chris Cody here just want to say love the content watch all your stuff I actually started watching YouTube 4 Mustang content I follow a couple other Mustang channels but Mustang lifestyle got me on your page I watch all your videos and I'm still watching old ones getting caught up to now hopefully one day I get the chance to meet you up in Florida I would love to check out some of your whips the funniest video I watched of yours was that one that you and Mambo had that challenge with the nastiest milkshake or whatever it was called I died laughing the whole time you guys we're picking out the nastiest shed to put in each other's smoothie but hopefully one day I can meet you I watch your videos all the time

    emw m

    Where in Florida is that mansion


    Ruddy should bara swap his next driftcar😍

    Turbo World

    two words , Banks tuner!

    chris thompson

    It's Florida. Where you can live in a mansion for the same price as a town house in most other states.

    Sonico Animation

    Don't ever relate Roberto to Tommy again.


    Sct is great if your not looking for longevity! My buddy put one on his 6.0, 3 months later it was a Cummins swap lol


    You all talk as if you know us. I dare any of you to go against roberto or jack when it comes about mechanic knowledge. 3/4 of you MF probably don’t even have a car or don’t even know how to use a MothaFucking screw driver, but here you are pouring diarrhea out your mouths? Go Fuck Yourselves. There’s a lot that happens when the cameras aren’t recording. Stop listening to the shit others say. Passing down all this judgement and trying to destroy people online, all based on a 10minute fucking video.

    Kenny Martinez

    Little ruddy is turning into an alcy, eh?

    André Ranch

    Miller lite delete



    Rusty Wells

    That looks like the house Ice rented when he's was in Florida.

    Andrew Shreve

    get a tire machine

    Tony Lucero

    Chris do you want to race a 1000hp truck?

    Eddie Gutierrez

    Every video with them fire sunsets


    Hahah certain pen. Those thc pens suck bro give me migrains


    Where’s Kourtney

    Will Lazaro

    Am I wrong or did Ice Poseidon stay at this house

    Josh Adams

    Legos made a miata

    l KillerCam l

    Is that a supra!?


    HKS T51R , very nice.

    Brian Jaen

    I was at that car meet I saw that supra

    Thats_Ery_Day Life

    Best video in along time !

    Jagger _2V

    I’m guessing your gonna race Andrew from mustang lifestyle

    Augustas Karalius

    haha told you to not fuck with your truck

    Flowable xL

    You should put some metal plate thing that you can bolt on/off under the dash and a plate with a cut for the hydro ? But love the drift car and just send it !


    Sorry rud but your "fastest miata" is kinda messing up the group shot, Isn't it time for an actual clean build after all these years. cmone man just 1 between all the haggard build. you can do it!


    Cheers duudes


    Ls400 videos?

    Lam Le

    I love marcus!

    stephen bradley

    Yo just take some wd40 spray it on a paper towel and it should take that sticky stuff off

    Lam Le

    Stop playing. Lets wrap that thing.

    vtec argentino

    It's a real mansion. No fakee. Are you dealer? XD

    mike helm


    Huggy Bear

    Dude… Carlos' laugh when hes mashed is f*ckin awesome !!!!

    Grayson McManus

    Aye Chris if you guys need a good liquor store go to my man at Bengals in Daytona, Carlos can get all the handles he wants

    Subie 352 runnerdown

    Go fuck yourself

    1NFINITE xXDlkillaXx

    Almost at 400k 🤩

    Skinny Pedal Productions

    Delete the DPF amd EGR that 6.7 will wake right up

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