Friday, March 24, 2023

The Red Mr2 Has an Engine! (Turbo K24)

Main The Red Mr2 Has an Engine! (Turbo K24)

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    I remember back when the boostedboiz where boosting D 16 motors

    Jalen Bussell

    Raise hell praise dale k swap the world

    Shadow Stang

    White mr2 all day lol

    Johnmicheals Burnett

    Niccee the daily Mr2 is lookin Awesome Bro's… Great vid keep doin what ya do and lov… BoostedBoiz/PFiSpeed Rcks!!! 🤜🤛🔰🔰🔰💪

    Helping Hand Auto Repair

    Tip: Don’t ever grease up the input shaft tube. As you use the clutch the material does fly around inside the bell housing. That’s where all the black dust type stuff comes from. Now all the grease you used on the input shaft tube will collect all that grime and sit on the tube causing friction problems, jamming up the pedal.

    Do put grease on the SPLINES, NOT the tube where the release bearing rises.

    Michael Rurak

    You should do some kind of crazy wrap on the white mr2 since its going full race car and we havent really seen a crazy boostedboiz wrap on any of the cars yet

    A M B

    That valve cover you should do a VHT wrinkle red paint on it. Trust it will look great with your car already being red. Do it Kyle !!

    James Doyle

    Hi Do you use a special "heat" paint on the block? Thank you


    Touching a clean shirt with those greasy fingers… 😱

    Patrick Candler

    If u use the idler pulley from a k20a3 it will delete the power steering pump. My ep-3 has electric power steering. So there is no pump. Then u can still run ac and a stock belt.

    Nestor Farnum

    Great video guys!!! You could use a Subaru intercooler in this one!!!


    Ktuned sells a ps delete kit I believe

    Speed3Jo Vlogs

    Not one but two K swapped MR2’s that’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 🤙🏽💯

    Cesar Salazar

    Electric steering rack like hert has on the twerkstallion off of a newer mr2 i believe

    Hooligan Mx

    Gotta say there needs to be some focus on Emilios cars

    Hooligan Mx

    Everything in the white one shoulda went on the red one but dope either way

    Brad Lancaster

    getting 80s/90s subaru repair flash backs when the chassis got lowered over the engine, thank you bois

    Anthony 619

    I like both 🔥 planning on paint the white one?


    Really dropped the ball on the wheel/tire sizing 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Logan Pillay

    The name of the red MR 2 should be boosted rat.

    Bicorps MO

    AC 🙁 … noooooo dont put that crap


    Ahh let us wait till he blows up his so called,"street car"

    Elijah Abella

    Can't be the only one thinking that they should get an Evo for a project. Curious to see what they'd do 👀


    Subscribe to my channel for daily supercar content!!

    EvenStevens Yo

    Fuck yeah!!! Love the builds! I would love to put a k in my mr2, but I have a original 95 turbo and it would just tank the value if I did…!!


    Love the red MR2 it jus need some deep dish 6 span rims gold with chrome 3 to 4" lip

    Brandon Snell

    Love videos like this, easy to follow through with the build!

    Noah Mills

    Kyle, I'm currently researching parts to turbo my element. Just curious, what turbo are you using on that stock k24a4? I'm thinking for a daily street setup that I'll go with a GT3076R.

    Christopher White
    I found it on eBay k24 power steering pump delete and belt. Ktuned. Hope it helps. Thanks for the video on the. White MR2 hat screens, just pulled mine out.


    you guys should do a clean s2000 build

    Liten Fara

    I like the white MR2 more. Because of the new exhausts.

    Chuck Sims

    has 3 race cars. sees 1 car per year with guest appearances from the other 2


    if you want to keep it a street car maybe get a smaller turbo for it

    Kennith Safford

    Emilio were is the rx7 ???


    that grease you put on the primary shaft of the gear box where the clutch pressor bearing moves on you should put that on all moving parts there


    Go film and help out Jeremy out with Bully. All the tuning and help he's give you… Help him build his dream

    Peppa Pug

    Kyle: For now the car is staying bone stock

    Also Kyle: it’s a 400/500 BHP turbo k24

    Wo Wew


Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 41 total)
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