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    This car is about to be a power house!! Lets see how long this one will last. trying to get this project done QUICK Get your merch boys!! Big …

    E VS

    Anyone else see when Chris was grinding the bung he was sending sparks onto the hood of the evo and possibly the fender of the blueberry…

    Peter Carmichael

    Get the gas so much easier

    Alex Stava

    1:00 who else had the song in their head


    I will look into brazing rods. All you need is a are gone torch and to get the base material to 300゚F at which point the brazing rod will start some melt and seep into the seem kind of like soldering.


    All you need is practiss brother. There is no pretending there's either you do it or you don't do it. When you do it you will fuckup but learning from your fuckup so is how you become better.


    Yes shielding gas makes for a cleaner Weld and it helps cool down the metal so you won't burn through as fast. Always use gas especially when you don't have flux cored wire.


    I'm not talking ship just being a friend. Get some leather gloves the gloves you are wearing will melt the instant molten metal heads them. Nice welding gloves are relatively cheap, you can get a set at harbour freight for 15-20 bucks.

    Vincent L Lopez


    Jose Perez

    Youngstatic wouldve had that done n no time! You guys need to link up

    Anthony Lacare

    Nothing wrong with taking a test pass to get
    Your speed and heat right man.

    HanG Noble

    Every weekend street racing pinellas county side of gandy bridge I wanna see street videos in this car 😂

    Chad Johnson

    U should get shielding gas for ur welder ur welds will turn out better as well as prep ur surfaces clean the paint off to metal for better results also maybe turn ur voltage down some on thinner material but it’s great u are trying to learn something new stay at it practice makes perfect

    Matthew Johnston

    My turbo B20 Integra after 2 years of abuse decided I’d go for a little more power, took it up from 11 to 13 psi, log never shows it leaning out but blew cylinder 3. Probably should at least do the ring gap if anything if your planning for more than 300hp.


    Used the same exhaust manifold on my son's car. Since it is thicker than a stock manifold we put longer studs in the head.

    Arron Soy

    Lmao smh should've went h2b !!

    Joe Shmoe

    You need a 99-00 civic SI EM1 T-bracket (rear bracket) and post mount bracket (driver mount bracket)


    Bro you should never weld without gas…it creates a shield for the liquid metal…you should just use a stick welder if you dnt have vast for the mig


    get straight co2 you dont need argon or mix gas. co2 is cheapest to refill wels just as good for your purposes

    Dizzy Aaron

    Turn the Wire feed speed down and let it build material, otherwise your literally just getting the metal hot then the feed is poking a hole. 🤙🏼

    Cape Films

    Why does Shaw look like he gonna drop the hardest track of the year!

    cod brenn123

    Can not grease up that part of the input shaft they’re right lol


    valve cover tells me its a b18, correct me if I'm wrong

    Devin Savage

    Send out are junk banners😂!

    Ultimate .Gaming

    Turn the welder down you have different settings for gauge of metal🤦🏼‍♂️


    48 tooth to 62 will be CRAZY!

    Jonathan Peterson

    Those would not be even close to a dirt bike 250s make almost 40hp

    Billy Buckner

    What trans u got on there? u might want a b16 trans if u dont go past 350.. short gears and a slick is the key..

    Big T’s Tech Corner

    Ruddy: he almost crashed it!!!
    Tommy, just chillin and vibin: yeah, it happens.


    piston caps


    75/25 not argon

    Xavier Rodriguez

    Everyone should bring there own spicy food so you don’t know what your getting into

    Josh Fullbright

    you threw hot grind all over your mint evo….jesus mfc

    Amanda Pagnella

    Dans rods and customs will be proud

    Nick Peezy94

    When are the junk hoodies gonna be back up ?


    Yo you dummy that grease is going to get flung all over the flywheel, clutch pads, pressure plate and ruin whatever gripping capabilities it ever hard.

    B P L E X X

    "dude that is not good" ….. Continues to make holes in it hahah Love you Chris haha

    Mopar Auto

    Old SR50 Ditech in the background, Cool Scoot


    Whats up with scumberto?? Anyone know?

    Chris Topher

    Cracking and poppin like rice krispies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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