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The Right And Wrong Way to Do a Car Wash

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    We meet with Chicago Auto Pros owner to discuss the right and wrong ways to do a car wash. In This Fine Print Series, we discuss the basics, tips and tricks to …

    Ace of Spades

    The hose part was hilarious… I also like the level of detail the guy from Chicago Auto Pros went into about detailing. Was this the same place that Jack went to before to get the ppf / ceramic coating? The guy mentioned about the vette having a proper hydophobic coating and the lexus not.


    Ooooouh romantic 😁

    William Peng

    Going to auto car wash

    Normal people: yeah that's pretty clean

    Professionals: THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE


    One of these days, a company (read: Porsche) is going to develop a method of applying a protective layer of hard sapphire to body panels through chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum chamber. It won't be a cheap option, but it will be well worth it.

    Having to endure paint that is too soft to repel kicked up stones is infuriating.

    Dan Rowley

    The Jeep just goes through an automatic car wash. Fast easy … cheap. Cheaper than getting it washed this way.


    So I'm guessing a touchless wash is the safest out of tunnel ones?

    J C

    Bunch of idiots


    Can you wash a real, dirty car.

    The Car Crazy Guy

    I've been using most of these techniques on my cars since I was 18. And yes, I'll take the Corvette all day long. #Z064Life


    Wrong! There is a better method than the 2 bucket method. Simply after every section just use the normalhose prsssure trigger nozzle to "prsssure wash" the mitt, then squeeze the water out of mitt from the top down and visually inspect it.Takes about 8 seconds to do. This enure NO grit in the mitt. Then continue washing. He got everything else right, almost.


    11:57 Thats the best way honestly, Have like 5 mitts or 6 or 7 or whatever. And use 1 Mitt for each panel and just wash the mitt's later. Saves a lot of time and you dont have to kill yourself with 2 buckets.

    Mark McMarkface

    People don't care about swirls – true, some people have lives.

    Thomas S

    Is this Patrick Batemans brother? 😜

    Evan West

    Makes a good $40 hand wash not sound so bad huh!

    Evan West

    If you have the blue deionizer he has you don't need to dry the car. Just make sure the sensor doesn't read above 3 or 4


    Got it. No washing the damn car = no scratches. 🤣
    Been following this technique for ages and it works really well :))))


    When I was a kid and ignorant life was much easier when washing cars with the good ol coin up brush. Once I found out about "swirl marks" about 10years ago I can't get a good sleep over my OCD of protecting my paint and maintaining it swirl free.. lmao

    m m

    Ouch ! I can feel my carpal tunnel when he starts spraying the wheels.

    Dessika Modus

    what if its a sponge with a microfiber side and a side to get dead bugs off?


    This is why I drive junk I do not have to worry about all this.


    Only an hour away from me, might have to check them out!


    most importantly – just because a product is more expensive doesn't make it better. There are a lot of bargain products out there that work a lot better than high end detailing stuff that costs 5x as much..

    Rodney Sanchez

    Very good information. Thank you

    Rick Hunter

    Great video, very informative. Thank you!

    That LC500 is gorgeous

    Spenser B

    I just let the rain wash my car.

    In Cognito

    Hold the presses! 2019 is the year when people started to need taking a class in car washing… Wow. Simple fact: Lazy and stupid people deserve scratched cars. It's really that simple.


    I reserve in depth cleaning and detailing for the occasional car show or meet. Rest of the time I just ignore the superficial appearance because I'd rather have a squeaky clean engine compartment.

    Juan Sarmiento



    Great simple video. You didn’t make the process of washing too difficult to grasp.

    Admiral Ackbar

    Wiping tires with microfiber…..Okay.

    The Car Wash Fanatic


    Blake Swan

    Is there a recommended way to remove sap and bugs?

    Look Up

    Can't believe I sat through this entire video on washing a car………. and liked it.


    I've been a detailer for almost three years and even I picked up some new tips and tricks! Great video! I would actually love to work at that detail shop. They do things a little bit better than my shop

    Lennox Lewis

    after washing.. claybar or clay mitt?

    Chadwick Wood

    Daddy I need a diapy change.


    If you have an expensive car, go get it done by a professional. Otherwise, pare down what they do.


    the right way to wash a car, do it in under 5 minutes so you can have a life instead of polishing your dumb ass car

    Sigor Ezz

    13:58 is the part you’re here for

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