Monday, March 20, 2023

The S14 Is Ready To Drift!

Main The S14 Is Ready To Drift!

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    This camera is bad


    Kyle you forgot to lock the duckhead in place smh 10:05

    mac berry

    If their isn't a video, their needs to be one on how to set up your drift car so it doesn't catch on fire.

    Tirell Thorpe

    kyle u should build the s14 into a drift/show/driveable car

    Thomas Strickland

    Closed caption please. 😭

    Nancy Perrault

    Trevor’s a top lad

    Jose Rotary

    Drive it like you stole it #senditpapi 💯👍👍👍


    Kyle cheatin'. Lolz
    Clampin' the wheel from the inside. Hehehe

    Patrick Shane

    That coats machine is the best around lol

    The Liberator

    S14 K swap?


    My mans always having fun in the wheelchair 😂😂


    Just reminded me why I don’t go to discount tire


    11:43 Wow, you must be the first automotive Youtuber that I've seen with the protective rubber boot on their M18 impact. "Real recognizes real"

    Aye Tocino

    Dont forget the jb welded pin

    Connor German

    my five favorite car channels all in the same state is so cool I really wanna see one of you running I 25

    Ryan GVR4

    That white 1g though. Without Kyle's cinder spray of course

    Silent Haiku

    He said "inner curse" 😇

    Corbin Knight

    Did you get a new battery for it? 😀

    Fidel Morales

    Put a hood like that black kouki on your s14 and maybe even change it to kouki🤔

    Mark Boucher

    Dudes got like 6 turbos just chilling on the top of him shelves that's goals lol

    Pablo Arteaga

    I have a nice supra for sale great candidate for a build . Upvote this so he can see it

    Justin W

    Damn that would be Epic to see kyle, Trevor, Adam el Zed and good ol cleeter all tandeming in their drift cars!

    John Cruz

    keep up the great content like everday

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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