Monday, March 27, 2023

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    We are starting a podcast just like everyone and their grandmother to help supplement video content. And because it is much easier than it used to be it’s a no …


    I can't wait until you get your grubby little paws on the C8, and Turbowski better be there too or I'm unsubbing.


    Can bring on Subaruwrxfan on your podcast?

    Rrramon Calderon

    Turbowski needs to be on every episode

    Clarence W

    Love it, I'd say invite everyday driver's Todd and Paul as they have a well established listener base which would definitely appreciate your content.

    Sextus Cornelius

    Youll get this eventually so I'll be the first to start: When are you going to stop these podcasts and go back to your old style videos??

    John Fig

    Fuck yeah. Love your work Mark.

    Phil P

    Excited for this!

    Shahaab Sherwani

    I REALLY want you to go off the d-bend with your dark humour in your other channel…. I have a feel that will be FANTASTIC

    Stephen Thomson

    RSS feed?


    I'm here if you need a guest. Funny thing, I was just at ORD today.

    Commander Shepard

    Please don't overload your podcast with ads like so much of them do. As soon as more than 1 min of ad is said i just turn off completely cuz who wants to wake up to ads? ( i use podcast as my morning alarm)


    Get Greg Fitzsimmons on the show so whenever someone talks, I won't be able to tell who it is.


    Can’t find it on pocket cast

    Hanh Hoang

    i want a tooner crate!!!!!

    Hanh Hoang

    what happens to the fenders?

    Trace Pearson

    Can you get your host to support Apple podcasts or at least publish a feed URL? Or do we have to be tracked and advertised into oblivion to listen?

    Laz Arus

    Guest list for podcast in no particular order:
    1. Dave Coleman
    2. Dave Coleman
    3. Dave Coleman
    4. Dave Coleman
    5. Dave Coleman
    and if you have a last minute cancellation, perhaps that Mazda guy from the technical department, Dave Coleman, might be available 🤞

    Ace of Spades

    geese w straight pipes podcast!

    Outdoor Lens

    Please make it available on the iOS Castro podcast app. It currently does not appear when doing a search for SavageGeese. Thanks.




    Maybe you saw but CAR*BROS unofficially invited you to be on their podcast. Would enjoy seeing that or a collaboration with them.


    Ah, the new Neutral with the new Marco. 👍🏻

    Andrew Silver

    What type if oils


    I'd like to subscribe, but where's the RSS Feed? I'd rather not be locked in to proprietary podcast apps.


    Haha took you long enough! I can't wait

    elton john

    Mark, thanks for doing a podcast. You're a really funny and interesting guy, and your friends Todd and Scott just crack me up. Unfortunately, I'm dying of cancer, so I may not see it, but all the best to you. You're a real original. There's nobody like you doing car reviews on YouTube.

    Filip Siladjev

    We need a SavageGeese subscription box!
    Send us pieces of burned rubber, fuel samples, premium promo items you get from car manufacturers, all the goodies 😂


    I was just staring at the S2000 all the time and didn't hear much what you're saying.

    Anthony Rios

    Interview someone from consumer reports who you disagree with and have them defend their awful review!

    Andrew T Dunsworthy

    I'll be listening and I'd look forward to any topic you'd want to muse about on the podcast. Don't think you need to stick to just cars and tech. Yes, those two things may be your wheelhouse, but I think I speak for the majority of subscribers who enjoy your honesty and sense of humor. I can't say that for any other 'car youtuber' because their persona is an act. SG is for the common folk – give us our opium.

    Adam s

    The only channel I follow on Spotify!


    Looking forward to the GavageSeese podcast! thanks Cark.


    heh. you spelled your own name wrong in your title

    William Olson

    Good stuff. I love your content. I’m at ground zero for cars. I live at 13 and Woodward. I’m doing a job for Someone that works with Ford Motorsport this week. I’m be asking a lot of questions. Lol

Viewing 35 posts - 1 through 35 (of 35 total)
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