Thursday, March 23, 2023

The State is Shutting Down My Youtube Channel… What Should I Do?

Main The State is Shutting Down My Youtube Channel… What Should I Do?

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    MY HELLCAT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Every $5 spent on is worth 2 entries! To WIN My 2016 Hellcat! SUBSCRIBE TODAY SO I CAN …

    Street Speed 717

    So I'm stuck at home until further notice… NO inshane designs, No Whitmoyer, pretty much nothing. Obviously that's a lot of what my channel is based on but I'm going to try to get content out as best I can. Stay safe guys <3

    Matt Apple

    That´s why you should have build an underground car racing track, so don´t complain now : )

    William G

    Try and do a house tour mike , 👍

    Tremaine Jones

    🤔 That's easy….. MOVE.. WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA

    Andrew Langellier

    How long does it take to get used to driving that fast around corners

    Justin Ragin

    Start up both corvettes at one time


    It's obvious Mike doesn't want to do the lift on the truck but feels he has to for his viewers


    Why please keep the hellcat I want to see a build on it

    DueceDriver 610

    Can someone fill me in. Was the first c8 his? And if so what happened to it

    Jonathan Sexton

    I want to see the c8 and the c7 do a burnout side by side! That's would be sweet!


    I hope you Get Shane, his lunch (Family McFavourites Box)!

    Wellington Srt10

    Sweet sounding


    So what about the LBZ giveaway what is going on with that

    Leroy Gonzales

    Did he say Vossen right?

    Doctor Death.

    I was out last night and stopped at sheetz and there was this old guy that came in and was acting like a dick headed asshole trying to push people around because he had a Corvette and had money just because a person has a Corvette they do not have to act like a dick head and snub people off in a establishment and the people working and cheats did not like this old guy

    Advice Teller


    Doctor Death.

    I will try not to yell why you are recording lol.

    Rob R

    Snap Crackle Pop FTW…. I am absolutely in love with this car, SOUL Performance did a fantastic job with the design of this exhaust.

    Susan Timm

    Put the Kelderman lift kit on my Dodge dually..awesome. Highest quality. You MUST put 10 lug wheels on that truck..
    state law!

    Alaska Life

    People don’t just watch you for car videos. At 1 million subscribers you have to know that every car you have someone can look up plenty of videos on the same car. A big part of why you have so many subscribers is because of your attitude and personality. You seem like the kind of guy that anyone would have a fun time hanging out with and you’re appreciative for what you have and how you got it. So do some videos of what you’re going through. What your community is going through. Make some dictations to help some people out. Maybe even open it up to loyal subscribers in ALASKA like myself! lol. Keep doing your thing man and just make the most of what you can.


    Dude gotta cover your speed lmao lol 3:50…. 35mph limit doing 51

    D S

    My friend, it sounds much better than the C8R. Well done!

    Adam RS

    Has a condom on his blazer's intake

    Ryan Spara

    Anyone else notice he was listening to pumped pulp kicks😂

    C. Watson

    You owe rite to Tim the tool man tanner @ 8:55 hilarious!!!🤗🤣😂

    B.D.A 133


    Mike Smith

    It's time to start another auction then!! It should be…one of the Corvettes.

    Richard Rumplik

    Hey dude I started watching your channel But Dude I WILL STOP if you keep running Anti President Trump SLANDER ! He Is The President Of The USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍

    TheBlueYammy 125


    Matthew Smith

    I love your c8 corvette pls shout me out my YouTube channel is that matty life I’ve been watching you know for 3 years and I love your videos and pls reply back to me thanks

    Adrian Urquieta

    What happened to grandpa

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