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The Subaru Baja Turbo Is a Weird, Fast Subaru Truck

Main The Subaru Baja Turbo Is a Weird, Fast Subaru Truck

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The Subaru Baja Turbo is a very interesting car. Today I’m reviewing the Subaru Baja to show you why the …

    Ali Gaming

    We need a face reveal!

    Вячеслав Головенко

    The most strange subaru ive ever seen

    Jacob Haws

    372 people did not like Doug's shirt


    This, build now with just a bit more modern comfort, not much, and I would buy it.

    pete smyth

    Subaru marketed the Baja in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Chile.

    general adnan

    you should review a subau levorg. really awesome car.


    Doug is the type of guy who iron his boxer pant.

    R.I.P Andrew Lee


    Kainoa Tandy

    Review the Honda Ridgeline another kinda car truck

    joshua thomas

    That bed gate is one of the coolest features I've ever seen on a car


    "car truck"

    you could have just called it a ute 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Raffa Bintang

    20% hatch look
    30% sedan look
    50% baja look


    Cladding? I think you mean white body kit lol

    Cody Dennis

    Ahem. I think you mean Bdrat-t. Not Brat😉


    Its literally an outback/forester with ass chopped off.

    Martin D

    I seem to recall that on a model from ninety years ago or so the plate folded down mechanically to 90° with the rear door opening on a certain model, trying to remember if it was French or on Leno, I just remember the fact of it. Correct me if I'm wrong and it too had a seperate mechanism.


    I really think if they made it a two-seater with a 6ft bed it would have been a major hit.

    James South

    Its a dual cab ute!


    Doug the type of guy that giggles if poked in the belly.

    construct apex

    Bro0o0o i havent seen a clean one in so long


    Doug сделай пожалуйста обзор на BMW e30 please! Для подписчиков из России и Беларуси. Russia and Belarus

    Cole Lutz

    I wish Doug would have a separate criteria for super cars and regular cars.

    Mathew Saenz

    It's an a-baja-mination…


    Suprized he didint mention the 80s Subaru brat


    The extender SHOULD just lift out. And that Baja has a wiring issue with the tail lights

    Mark Tourtellotte

    Great all around practicality. Wish I had one!


    It's actually not quite the same engine as the Outback XT, that one is tuned for 245 hp and 250ft/lbs of torque. And for '06 at least has a bigger intercooler. Same or very similar base engine but different turbo I think.

    Esteban Concha

    Jajajaja saludos desde Chile!!!

    Benjamin Paul

    2006? Wtf? The new shape legacy came out in 2003!


    I'm pretty sure the euro WRX back then was a 2.5l turbo and supposedly made over 300hp .. but heck, I was a kid back then, so it might've been just a hoax

    Billy McDonald

    Car truck? I think the word your're looking for is ute

    Zach Moss

    Doug you should review the Cadillac pickup truck

    B. Chandler

    6:30 Back in the 90's a family friend had newer Mercedes sedan, but with a "Truck" license plate. He negotiated the cargo volume with the seats down matched pickups at the time, and somehow he was granted "truck" license plate. Wondering why he went through the trouble, it was so he could park downtown without having to feed the meter. Did I mention he was a cheapskate? 🤣

    Mar_Blu YT


    Josh Gotter

    Can anyone say Subaru brat?


    I wanna see Doug review a Dodge Magnum SRT8

    Jim Barlow


    PePe The Frog

    Legacy Truck

    D Fairheadd

    Subaru legacy Spec B plssssss

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