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The Truth About RaceChip Tuning Boxes

Main The Truth About RaceChip Tuning Boxes

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    Check out RaceChip’s channel here: Get your own RaceChip here: …


    Hey guys, for those of you who want more information about improvements on the dyno with a RaceChip installed, have a look at our channel where we release videos about development cars including dyno runs and acceleration runs on the Autobahn twice a month.

    John Fisher

    The problem with piggy back is it is set to one car in one config if you have done any mods then they ARE USELESS! Even bone stock cars will not perform as well with a "Race" chip…. I can't beleive you are promoting this crap!

    Rainer Zufall

    Had horrible experience with my 123d e87…never worked..atleast i got refund

    Bob cob Bob

    Really? Man Buns?

    Bennie Hendrickx

    Funny when they ask that the race chip only manipulate the signal to the ECU they contradict that by explaining that they actively manipulate the signal to the ECU. En showing that they do dyno tune cars is good and all but doesn't help every engine is different all so slightly. It only shows that they have experience tuning on a dyno with a car. Doesn't help with modes done to the car as there chip only goes for stock car. Individual tuning on a dyno is still the best option.

    I do say this. This system is good for all you lease car drivers how aren't allowed modifications sins the systeem is totally removeble


    ye are just sell outs at this stage

    David HB

    I’m only here in case Alex takes his shirt off.

    Michael Lehto

    For 500 euros I get 35 hp with their crappy box.
    For 450 euros I get 108 hp and an additional 100 Nm reprogramming my ecu.
    Now what should I choose? Hmm…

    Audi A6 C7. 218hp quattro. 2016.
    Prices in sweden.

    Drift King Nathan

    Do you still own and drive miles?

    Sean Richardson

    I want to put one in a car I’m thinking of buying 1.4t corsa , but I’m worried I won’t know the torque figures therefore , when am I changing my clutch do they come with rough figures

    Glaux De

    Theyre german. Dont argue with them.


    tbh how little do u guys at car throttle know about engines, really? dyno the car all you want. who's saying your car has the same comp as my car? and who's saying your car has the exact same amount of piston wall wear as my car? there's so many factors. having a tune preset for their car doesn't mean your car will run better just because they have it developed on a dyno. however, in alot of cases, the "tune" is not super specific, and probably does work more as a universal tune than what you'd normally do for a proper dyno tune. therefore you probably do gain power, but it's never going to be anything close to an actual dyno tune for your car.
    i used to like you guys, but to be honest, nowadays it just feels like youre just basing everything you know on the simple knowledge you can read off of any website.

    Cairo M

    Man bun and white shoes….hmm

    First And Last
    shaun welch

    Would i buy one. Hmmmm don't be silly. Waste of money

    Joshua Wiggins

    Bro you can't really feel 10 hp; it's not a night and day difference.

    Sity 909

    weak product for the u.s. market

    F Sutcliffe

    Some people need a good hair dresser not a bloody chip

    Steve Halsey

    I brought a RaceChip GTS Black and was quoted 77bhp for a Golf R 7.5, when installed I couldn’t help but be disappointed, it now turns out that RaceChip are only quoting 63bhp which still feels ambitious. I felt like I had been mis-sold the product so felt justified asking for a refund, the customer service team were extremely unhelpful and refused to help so I am now stuck with a disappointing product. Please take your money else where to avoid disappointment and poor customer service.

    Zac Norris

    Not worth the money. Can get a proper Dyno tune not far of the price of these

    Glyn Hardy

    Fabulous video! I really wanted to hear this info!!


    Can we make this happen to my Tracker? It needs more MPGs.


    LMAO so much hate 😂

    Matt Windleborn

    Lol not shitting on you guys hard but I did notice you guys used some comments twice! Geeze guys!

    Nevr CM3

    artificially cooling the turbos and running the test with the hood up is non-real world .

    This leads to lower turbo housing temps, lower air temps on compression side = higher air density = more HP.

    Unlike U

    Fuck off, racechip is the biggest scam on the market. It's obviously a product designed for clueless non car people to rip them off.

    VIPERtech Bish

    Please make one for a 350z !! 🙏🙏🙏

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