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The ULTIMATE GUIDE For Adjusting Valve Lash On Your 99-05 Miata!

Main The ULTIMATE GUIDE For Adjusting Valve Lash On Your 99-05 Miata!

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    Hey guys, this is probably something that a lot of NB owners don’t even know about, and it only takes about 30 minutes and $5 to check the valves and see if …

    heaps good drifter

    Shoulda just bought a Toyota….

    Anthony Carter

    I am almost aroused at how good that video was. Dude. That was sensational. All of it. Thanking you

    Lander Labrada

    I was entertained that was cool af

    Patrick Ukemi

    thanks man, for another awesome video. I can't tell you how thankful I am that you take time to make these videos.

    Reuben Horner

    Try doing it in a shim under bucket situation. Trust me its AT LEAST 2x as much fun

    Reuben Horner

    I'm pretty sure they go up in 0.05mm increments.
    Would make it easier in that cases. A company in aus call precision shims can make you up some but also not that cheap


    Legendary video. Well done mate.


    Perfect description of the job …love your work

    Ege Ayvala

    how to make your car reliable_buy toyota parts scotty kilmer approves

    Andreas Lindkvist

    Moooar powah! 😀

    StarckMad 1

    Been enjoying your videos very much. I never heard you say how you get around the California smog requirements. Have you already mentioned that in previous video? Do you have a "very cooperative" smog technician friend? I want to know before I start building on my '01 Miata. Thanks


    Well Im sure this is great info when I over-boost my 1.6 to the heavens and go VVTi …. 🙂

    Frank Raymond

    I don’t even own my NA anymore, no Miata at all now, and I still watch your videos. I continue to learn and just enjoy your approach and attitude. Thanks for your dedication, time and efforts. Cheers!

    Alex Chulzhanov

    Another note, if exhaust valves have negative lash like you demonstrated, it is HIGHLY likely you can burn and destroy a valve. The seat heats up way more and actually melts the valve. That is why on Miata heads there is more exhaust valve lash than intake valve lash when referencing factory specs.


    I've always taken adjustable rockers for granted. I had no idea it was this much of a pain to adjust lash on some engines. Next time I have to check lash on any of my engines (all have adjustable rockers) I'll remember how easy I have it

    Chris Rowe

    Dude. The Miata community Is so fortunate to have your contributions as a resource. Thank you for putting out such high quality content.


    The sheets you had with all boxes to write everything in, is that something you would be able to provide to us? In Jpg or perhaps PDF-form? I have a BMW, euro m3 with the same type of valvetrain as the Miata, But I thought if you provided these sheets, I couuld just edit them for my 6cyl

    Justin Wheelwright

    What 2 miserable sacks of shit disliked this video??? This is the most informative video I’ve ever seen about Miata’s


    Neat video, and the information about the rotation of the shims was interesting to know. I'm glad my b16 civic head has adjustable tappets, shims are annoying waiting for parts.

    Jim McEwen

    CPC is freakin' awesome

    Jim McEwen

    So if I did the Exhintake I need to check lash.

    Andrew Fritchen

    Your can belt looks loose

    Merrick Erickson

    A comprehensive, cohesive video from Car Passion Channel with a lot of time, effort, and thought put into the content, audio, filming, editing, and supplemental resources provided on the website? So it's just a normal CPC video then. 😉

    In all seriousness, I'm a huge fan. You continue to impress with your high effort content. Can't wait to see your car on track.

    Andrew Fritchen

    What kind of valves do you have in there, if they are titanium get rid of them and get a nice stainless valve, and don’t worry about the weight you aren’t revving the engine high enough for that to become an issue.

    Andrew Fritchen

    You will burn your valve if it is left open. The expansion ratio cools the combustion charge as the piston descends. It there is a gap the gas leaves the cylinder very hot when the piston is at the top of its stroke.

    garage worm 17

    I want that water pump pulley 😁


    At the beginning the whole Miata dad thing was a joke and now I'm like, Damn yea he is the Miata dad. And I'm goin to transfer this info into my 2J build as well thanks dude 👌🏻

    J.G. Motorsports

    The bit about the Nissan shims and Toyota shims was dope, I work at a Nissan shop and Toyota is next door. CarPassionChannel coming in clutch for the shim hook up for my BP4W!! 👌

    Chris Lee

    23:03 when you start rebuilding things in LEGO Star Wars


    Isn't shim under bucket better for performance applications

    N Murphy

    Belt sand the shims not being used and put them in and measure how thick they are

    F Your Policy

    I’m curious if this has to do with the Sealed Power VS-855 springs. How often does this occur with new Super Tech doubles. Also, Precision Shim out of Australia has both 27 mm shims as well as the 6mm lash caps for the Mazda SUBs if needed.


    Dip stiiiick

    Robert Urban

    the biggest issue with tight clearance is on an exhaust valve! If the valve head doesn't make good contact with the seat, it has no way to dissipate heat and will eventually burn a valve. Must be mentioned!

    Bautista Vazquez

    It's funny how I'm a vw guy drive a vr6 12v gti VW tech but still love seeing all this stuff just for that day u buy a miata… one day


    Checked my lash at 120k on my 2003. Perfect specs all the way.


    I have never checked my valve lash after installing the head… like 10 years ago. Doh.

    Simon Busby

    Do another compression test on it to see what the true compression on the cylinders are. Also, I notice your passenger side tail light has not been shaved. But fear not, thecarpassionchannel has a great video telling you haw to shave a tail light lol.

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