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The Ultimate Guide To Tire Sidewalls – How Good Are Your Tires?

Main The Ultimate Guide To Tire Sidewalls – How Good Are Your Tires?

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    How to read tire sidewalls and learn how safe your tires are! Why Cheap Tires Are A Bad Idea – Subscribe for new videos every …

    Joshua Harrison

    Engineering not explained – waste of my time clean hand enginerd

    Mac Burrton

    such a hit with the ladies now


    What timing, I'm looking to buy some summer tires. This video has been very useful in my selection process.


    It is T zero and N zero, not a O. Also we can see N1 for porsche tyres

    AJ U.

    Idk if you noticed, but the tires have little lightning bolts on them. Just thought Iโ€™d share that detail with you ๐Ÿ™‚


    Love your work! Learn so much from this channel and puts all the driving into a logical perspective!

    Could you make a video on why we park a manual car in gear, and whether it matters if itโ€™s in first or reverse, uphill or downhill?

    Daniel Sibaja

    What do you think about those cheap Chinese tires out there? I always hear bad things about them but if you read the specs, traction and temperature ratings are as good as the expensive counterparts. Is it just a price/brand thing?

    iRobots Gamer

    9:29 Only thing in the video I didn't know about. That's actually really interesting

    Chris Greenup

    Do you hear a difference in the road noise switching from the acoustic tires to the winter tires?


    good watch while having breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

    J T

    Can you make a video about the chemical composition of tire smoke produced from a burnout and must include a collaboration with a PHD chemists?

    Talha M

    I had to do an assessment on tires at college. Where was this when I needed it?

    Almir Osmanoviฤ‡

    Ugh… Tesla tires….. going to replace tires on my Model S tomorrow. barely making 26k miles on a set of Goodyear tires with the foam inside. I don't understand why Tesla would put such "cheap" tires on their car. I know… bringing the price margin down.


    Concerning tire pressure … we have larger wheels with lower side walls on the truck … the "tire shop" said we needed to run higher pressure than on the door jam … is this true?


    I really would love to know whats the difference between same tire with difference manufacture code?

    Like mechilens sport cup 2, the porsche code is N1, ferrari K1 and mercedes is M1.

    Are there any differences ?

    Good vid tho ๐Ÿ‘


    You forget RF(Runflat) tires.


    Blasphemy, mixing imperial with all mighty metric measurements.

    Shabbir Ahmad

    Low profile tires are no good, neither for comfort nor for longevity.

    Alex Marti

    Thus guys idea of a good Saturday is to walk around looking at peoples tires

    Tech Witch

    Y speed rating for "Why are you doing this?"

    Chris Smedley

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets upset about the mixing of mm and inches in nominal tire sizes

    Mhd Ibm

    "The video will get far less interesting"

    Darren Lu

    Thank you!

    Bob the Hat King

    8:44 did I hear him say C twice instead of B and C?

    Bob the Hat King

    Can you do a video on uncommon engine layouts like H engine, X engine, and U engine, and v4s

    Milan milanello

    And what about the red or yello dot on the tire
    Thanks in advance


    Lol i thot the DOT have different meaning, where the valve sit.

    Trevor Hobbs

    I got those on my STI they stick

    Geoffrey Hodies

    Jacen Iโ€™ve got a performance model 3 like you. What would you suggest for my new 18 inch rims! I wanted to go to 18 inch because theyโ€™re more resistant to pothole damage. Iโ€™m looking for a smoother ride , stronger traction and all season and I donโ€™t really care about snow. I ended up buying a 235/3518 AAA rated Perelli P Zero plus original compound. Thanks. Iโ€™m pretty happy with the tire. However I did end up with three of them that were โ€œout of roundโ€ and did not pass the road force test. Maybe you could give some insights about how this test is done using the Hunter machine. Tire Rack took the old tires back and gave me new ones the next day. They also paid for all the labor. It only showed up because I had a small vibration in the wheel at freeway speed. Thanks, keep up the good work!

    Brent Gregory

    Arrhhh! What about rolling resistance? what is the rating for that? A,B,C,D ???

    Hasan Cakir

    Does the sponge thing in the tire come with the tire or you put it in?

    Dominic Campanella

    Awesome video! Never thought I would of needed to know that.

    Timur Iskhodzhanov

    I was recently being told that 235 is the width of the tread, not the tire itself; and that tires of the same spec width can look very different when mounted on the same wheel, with the extreme example being Hoosiers.


    Where the hell did you find all this information.

    Max Nix

    Maximum Load is at Maximum Tire Pressure.

    Less pressure equals lower load rating until the tire is under its minimum pressure which is not specified on the sidewall.

    Maximum Speed rating is dependent on tire load and inflation pressure.


    Correct tyre pressure will always be 80% of the max pressure stamped on the tyre, not the decal, not the dealership, etc. For example back in the 70โ€™s tyres where inflated to 28-32 ish, use a modern tyre with that pressure in a vintage car and ruin it. Ask any tyre manufacturer and the answer is clear and straight: 80% of the max pressure. People should learn this hard core fact =)


    Can you do a video on how you select your tires? I look at tire rack and the ratings are ok, but it's tricky to pick with so many options. I usually just go for a michalin tire because I know at least it wont be loud. It will stop reasonably fast. And be mostly made for all season road. How do I pick a sweet tire?

    TNLE Wan

    Can you talk about fires on electric vehicles?

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