Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Unique Cars (And Much Much More) of Japan!

Main The Unique Cars (And Much Much More) of Japan!

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    Japan has a much different approach to the automobile than the U.S. Many are small, but not all. Join me on my vacation as I look at the vehicles, food and …

    Billy Sou

    No pumpkin spice latte in Tokyo?

    Edward Beazley

    The Iphone camera was impressive. You should have gotten them to sponsor your trip.


    Award winning car reviews, and award worthy travel reviews!


    This is a fun piece to watch. A series combining travel with automotive culture should be next!

    Jeff Hands

    Great video! No need to apologize about the photography! Knowing what you’re doing is just as important as the equipment sometimes. Did you see any of the Tokyo taxis with linen and doily seat covers? That Toyota Alphard is really a trip! Apparently large luxo minivans are also a thing in China, I think even more so there.

    Michael Miller

    Japan seems to love their MPVs

    Cory Frye

    your channel must be doing great to afford a trip to Japan

    William Mackay

    I’m going to Japan at the end of the year, so this was really cool to watch.

    Uzhi Law

    Love it. You should do more food/automotive/culture tour like this!

    Alex Mobil

    Wonderful show! You don t get much of that kind of videos on channel! I ve enjoyed every min of it!

    J Silver

    I was in Japan about a year ago. I saw some of those vehicles! I really like the N Box 🙂


    Really enjoyed your minivan video moving your son to college. And now this trip to Tokyo. Grateful for you doing such videos – they are like a breath of fresh air even among your other videos. Great job! Keep ‘em coming!)


    thank you for sharing I loved this review so so much😀❤️

    Paul Giannamore

    Thank you, Tom. You made it so interesting, you could have done two parts.

    Mess 096

    Thank you for taking time from your vacation and sharing with us. You really made my day. Great work. 😁


    Lived in Japan for 3 years. Wagon type vehicles are the norm there. It's because most family can only afford ONE car (cost, parking, annual inspections). As the result, you buy whatever most useful interm of interior space.


    Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Always wanted to go to Japan


    Your best work ever; No question about it

    Bern on Cars

    Those Alphard’s are really cool

    Mark Blass

    Thank you for this great tour. Last time I visited Japan (and Korea) 19 years ago most of the cars were black, gray or white.

    Like you "Gabby Hayes" look (but you may not be old enough to remember Gabby Hayes.

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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