Saturday, March 25, 2023

There is hope!

Main There is hope!

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    I’ve missed this thing. Hopefully get it back and better than ever 🙂 15% off MVMT Watches w/ free shipping & free returns –


    Why dont put windshield black banner from inside the car to windshield?

    jason wells

    Insta what

    Ryan Burston

    john is my favorite character


    I might actually pick up a mvmt watch!


    I had the woodruff key problem on my Supra. The slot in the crank had widened. I put it back on with a new key and some metal filler as glue.

    Liam Crawford

    Get a Sinco exhaust manifold, It will make it sound amazing, you will not regret it, look up Joe Doyle r33 drift


    The OGs know exactly what was going to be said when John showed up


    Do a fingerprint diss track

    Dylan Halder

    @johnpatterson why did you kick Spencer’s car?

    J GP4

    Adam needs a rotary already 💯


    sorry to mention this dude but i don't know if you noticed. But you still have ''having fun with my wife nicole'' in your channel description

    Chad Thornborrow

    335i vs 991.2?😏

    xXEdvinTheBossXx 69

    Where is the giveaway car

    Coehen Stackle728

    I think Adam's harness bar in the 240 is too low for his height.


    Lmao the Thumbnail looks like Gta 5


    Great videos! Show some BMX clips! Let’s see the backyard ramp that everyone dreams of having. Great content!

    Royan Plays

    Ive got my mvmt watch and i love it

    Charles Ray

    6boost manifold

    Frank Rivera

    12:26 He still has the sticker…….look closely

    Anthony Mazzetta

    Yo u need to give the s13 more fame and put it in more vids cuz thats what started ur channel for a lot of people💯

    Elijah Hernandez

    Adam are you running less camber on the 240????

    Brandon Gee

    I always use your code in mvnt because its higher then TJ’s


    Did you just say Nek minute :p NZ !!! 0:24


    Your RB issue is somewhat similar to what happened to @mykemikes 350z


    The Bub Fab sticker needs to be bigger.


    Happy Easter egg Adam rear window sticker on s13 cool editing bro


    trash those mvmt watches and buy real watches.


    The look on his face. LOL

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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