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These Tires Will Last Forever

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    These Tires Will Last Forever, DIY life hacks and new car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car life hacks. Car tires that will last a long time. How to make …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Ray Cch

    His profile pic without the sunglass


    Mythbusters did the MPG TEST with and without using the A/C on a Ford Expedition. Both had 5 gallons of fuel. Using the A/C got a few more laps than the windows rolled down due to the drag. So yeah, use that A/C… 👍

    Ralph Jovero

    Hey Scotty I have a 2000 Honda Accord Ex 4 cylinder with an automatic transmission and has about 180,000 miles & my mechanic says that it could use a new harmonic balancer. I don't know if it has ever been changed so I just want to know if you think I should have it changed & if so then why

    Richard Ashcraft

    So Scotty-
    What’s your eyeglasses Rx about a -9 or -10. I bet you can see small stuff like a microscope 😉


    Those photo inserts are hilarious.


    Can you link for silicone wiper blades please?


    Lover running into your videos !! Keep it up !!!!

    Paul McKeown

    Tyres not tires learn. To speak proper English

    John Brothers

    if it's possible to create longer-lasting tires, a clever engineer from the tire industry will start a company that produces those longer-lasting tires.

    Don KiksBiscuits

    Tires last longer than most marriages nowadays

    Don Smith

    Too bad Ford had to sell Volvo, but the company avoided a bailout from the government.

    Darren Stager

    Scotty when can we meet ur family

    Forest Spirit

    dont buy these tires!! they will destroy your car !!!

    Bit Poppa

    That's weird because silicone breast implants last 10 years compared to a lifetime with real breast 🤔

    david black smith

    Scotty what do u think about a 2009 Honda fit

    Adolfo Jimenez

    I really enjoy watching your videos and feel they provide honest information. I am going off to college soon and will need a car. Do you think you can make a video of a list of options young teenagers can buy used cars for when going to college that is affordable and great on gas? Please and thank you!

    Andy Gascon

    Really appreciate you sharing ur knowledge with us all. 😉

    Born Boy


    James McGinn

    Hi Scotty,
    I'm kind of surprised you fell into a conspiracy theory. Silicone doesn't have grip in the rain. I know this from skateboards. There is no conspiracy. If they could sell them and not get sued somebody would. The world is full of whackjobs that believe that car/oil companies are concealing engines that run on water. Don't be one of them.

    Carpe diem

    Silicone valley keeps this secret.

    Markus Patients

    Any tire manufactures mileage claims are based on ideal driving condition proper tire maintenance and lower than average speeds and miles driven. I sold my 2004 Honda Accord but after I put 7 sets of tires on the car in 11 years of ownership, from all the best makers. It came with Michelin 215 r 55 17 z rated ( i think) and they didn't last 20 miles. The Goodyear F-1 eagle didn't last 6 thousand miles, in fact they don't come with mileage claims of any sort. Great grip in the corners though!
    From Bridgestone to Hankook or Pirelli… The only set of tires that lasted more than two seasons (On my V-6,manual Six speed coupe) were the Bridgestone Blizzark show tires that I sold after four years for $100 bucks still in very good condition. cause they came off after winter.
    And when I think I never do it "in my own head".. That stuff hurts !

    Xam X

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,funny guy


    At 2:36 where Scotty stutters saying 2016 someone with a train horn in their car honked it and it seemed like the horn startled Scotty lmao

    Rick Myres

    I had a tire store here wanting me to buy their used tires and I said no. Bias ply tires are history and radial tires that coming apart inside after 3-6 months when it used to be 2-3 days.

    You Name It Gaming

    hey scotty, does a catalytic converter even do anything on LPG powered vehicles? I only ask as I've just replaced my 03 falcon gas/LPG with an 06 model, dedicated LPG, with much lower mileage, and I'm under the impression that the exhaust system is identical including the cat

    chad six

    The Ford Taurus with the 3.0 OHV was one of the best engine and one of the most reliable cars ever made to date? Not sure what your talking about them being junk.

    Vincent Vincent

    You want it last forever? Put it garage, dont drive it


    I was having a bad day and this video made my day, made me smile, laugh. Love the pictures and explanations. I'm always learning from you Scotty!!!

    NU MOO

    7:35 Holy crap…he had blue eyes.

    Sam Adven Media

    Scotty, what are your thoughts on the import (Japanese) stance car style? Thoughts on insane cambered and super low cars?


    Man, this is a funny one! I don't really care about cars, but enjoy watching!

    The Toecutter

    50-60k on a tire!! Haha. More like 20-30k driving on these great American roads 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    Nicolas Lemay

    Cheap tirés tend to last much longer, but they get very good rating during tests. Nokian on the other hand do very good tires that last long, but they come at a higher price.


    The cat pillow has got to go, Scotty!


    MPG milage with AC, 'about' or 'exactly' the same, it can't be both Scotty.

    Joe Leonetti

    My dad sold heavy duty trucks as a profession in the 1960s through late 80s. They did indeed prototype the super long lasting tires as my dad saw them. They worked. He figured they never came to market for reason you mentioned.


    They fixed the issue with the Hyundai engines. A manufacturing defect left sand internally in the casting and sent particles throughout the whole engine. They redid the cast, engines are now bulletproof. Don’t listen to Scotty on this one. My customers have put upwards of 150k-200k miles on the new replacements and they run like new

    James Martin

    You know those new tires with a plastic hub with an outer tread that needs to be replaced after so many miles? Design a rubber that becomes tacky with a certain ultrasonic frequency. Then design a machine that hits the tire with ultrasonic frequency blast to turn the rubber tacky. Then have a hydraulic press push the old tread off the plastic hub that then slips a new tread over the hub blasts it with ultrasonic frequency turning rubber tacky and then hydraulic press applies presure to the tread and hits tire with a blast of super cold air to cool the rubber setting and bonding the new tread to the plastic hub of the tire. For use in hybrid electric vehicles. 😁👍

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