Tuesday, March 28, 2023

This Dealership Has Dozens of Abandoned New Saabs!

Main This Dealership Has Dozens of Abandoned New Saabs!

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    Prze Mek

    all of them been sold for some Indian person maybe one month ago

    Thomas Veenstra

    Maybe we all should just raid that place and all take one of those cars

    Joe Bee

    These Saabs will have a big cult following like the BMW e30s (manual only).unfortunately I have the auto so it's okay ..bought mine for 900 dollars at 130k now it's at 170k so definitely got money's worth ..hey Tyler I need my lower control arms replaced like since yesterday i have no tools .you wanna tackle the job and throw it on your Saab episode?I'll even pay you to do it rather then a Craigslist mechanic …let me know ..edit :I used to live in Ahwatukee but now in Phoenix …I remember seeing your car while getting dinner at filbertos….I was like that's the dude with the YouTube channel …watching your older videos when I first bought my first Saab I swear I recognized the background on Pecos Rd !first video I watch about the car I just purchased lived in the same neighborhood kinda funny how all that happened.anyhow it's a 1999 Saab 93 auto


    Where's that India?

    Shawn Smith

    Your 93X is looking Beast πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    David Maeso

    Which rims are that in your saab?

    Jason Gibbs


    james ?

    They can be bought a rich guy bought half of them there is still some left going up for sale u can find the info on the web

    Tero Laitanen

    Heartbreaking stuff. Once you go Saab, you never go back.


    i saw a post on instagram i while ago about this and according to the person who posted it, the cars were bought by a guy from india


    U cant use then elsewhere fool. This are GCC -versions not euro
    us not silly rhd. GCC


    The boring stuff that’s not Saab was a Panther Deville. British car brand and it was the most expensive car in the world back when they came out in the 70s haha.

    Also used one for cruella devilles car for the 1996 movie.


    Tx. What no Sonetts πŸ™ Be well young man! Rich

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Prequels or Sequels?

    Ryan Nylander

    Wish those were here stateside….. I can always make room for another Saab or two….haha. Thx for sharing.


    Wonder where the keys all are πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ˜­


    This is such a β€œSob” story πŸ˜”πŸ₯Ί

    Conny Blomqvist

    Can you tell me what color you have on your wheels ? It looks great combine with blackπŸ˜€


    Such a waste 😩

    Ahmad Khudair

    I'm one of the owners of these 93's, they are all 2010 model year, aero V6 with the turbo X style wheels, I've had it since new and planning to purchase the second one this week, what you see in the pictures is no longer the case, as they were all been sold as a lot, and the guy who bought them is doing some basic maintenance and reselling them for approx. 3000-4000$ each.
    They will live on.
    but unfortunately, due to the regulations in Qatar, it's almost impossible to export out of the country.

    Gareth Carberry

    I won't to give one a loving home!


    "ruin every Saab fanatics day"……done.
    Saw those the other day on FB. Amazing. Hope they go into the market properly.

    Blue Moon

    I hope you feel better soon mate. You don't sound too well.

    Noel Richetti


    Jamie Smith

    That's amazing! Like finding gold to the Saab enthusiast!
    I can only imagine the paperwork just trying to purchase one, aside gtom the entire lot?
    I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands right here in the states sun bathing in some desert overstock facility?
    I'm guessing, only banks and serious dealerships have access to any automobile stockpiled?
    Yes, you just saddened a lot of us Saab enthusiasts. πŸ˜” I'd like to have two. A 9-5 XWD Aero (which I didn't see) and a 9-3 XWD Aero. SMH


    Unfortunately, the owner of the dealership did not accept to sell any car individually, he's conditioned on either selling them all at once or not. In the end, all the cars were sold to an Indian gentleman. And if I remember correctly there were around 240 new SAAB cars and some used cars with very very low mileage like between 8000 Km to 12000 Km

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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