Friday, March 24, 2023

This is not good..

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    Oscar Ruiz

    Randy be stripping bolts lol should of took it to Christian shop he would of have your shit done fast lol

    leannie xk

    My guy randy is acting like a bot in the begging

    Paulo Gonzalez

    i think you forgot to put the link for slammed enuff

    Daily Driver

    Anybody know the name of the wheels that randy has on his gtr skyline. And what size ?

    Pedro Mariscal

    How does he have Washington plates in Cali 😅

    Myron Sombrero

    Woooooow damnnnnnnnnnm

    Leonardo Caballero

    One of them sneeze and they all dead

    OnTheVerge (zOTV)

    Anybody else miss Thomas YouTube when he posting a new video 😭

    first_person Panda

    Yoooo I was at the autozone the other day 😂😂

    H Freaks

    Does Thomas know he hit 100k ? 😞 miss seeing the iS and prelude 😡😡

    Steezy B.

    Put some guard cover so you won't accidentally scratch your lovely gtr while you're leaning on it.

    Antwon Thompson

    Those lights are dope af

    Axel Fernandez

    13:37 fresh kicks!!!!!!

    Trades 210

    The face you make when you realized you nutted in her on accident😂 5:43

    C 4

    Ayo Randy I beg you buy a Mazda RX8


    Don’t say cuh if you don’t have a truck 🤣


    Sonnys putting a 4ag or rb30

    Pinoy DC2 Integra

    I hope Sonny doesn’t LS swap the FD I swear

    Richard Review566

    … i have the same corner table that randy has

    ralph gazmen

    Ohhhhh deymmmmm

    Truk Gang Ape

    Randy be making me want to grab the closest ass

    Toxic 916

    The motor is 4age unlimited rev 😂

    Eddie H

    illuminate is the type of homie you want surround yourself with 💯

    Elvin Banuelos

    Sons buying the vq for sure….

    Jun Wu

    Copped the seatbelt covers the second I saw they even existed

    Raeven Santos

    Name plz 15:01

    The Lude 915

    Yo it looks better without the heat shield Randy just plug that shit

    Blake McCafferty

    4:45 you need to use the jack off method

    its Vin

    Subscriber since 200k…love from malaysia🇲🇾♥️

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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