Saturday, March 25, 2023

THIS is the Moment I Knew I Screwed Up… Ft. My 2020 Duramax SAVES the Day!

Main THIS is the Moment I Knew I Screwed Up… Ft. My 2020 Duramax SAVES the Day!

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    Lifted Liberty 26

    @streetspeed717 replace the front axle actuator, that’s a common issue for 4wd to stop working on those trucks. I’ve had to do one on 3 out of 4 of the trucks i own

    Jim Jim

    the was one pathetic attempt at four wheeling. you and steve's broke ass trucks. 100+ k sports cars, 3 dollar 4×4.

    Matthew Tagliarino

    I really dislike the wheel setup on the 2020. Please put different rims on it

    Zachary Kalmanek

    Your 4×4 vacuum actuator is not engaging so the front diff is open

    Mike Deotis

    Damn Mike you should left that Tahoe and put some beefy tires on it, build that motor and trans and definitely put lockers in it! Trust me it would be way more fun and not very much money plus the content you'd get would be nuts

    Scott Fry

    This guy is some kind of special

    M K

    Question. My dad just got a 2020 GMC Z31 Diesel What would you recommend on a lift and tires. Also what should I get him for better intake ? Any suggestions would be appreciated

    M K

    Love your channel man. Just found it and of course I subscribed.


    Damn guys I wish I had a good enough job to do stuff like this maybe one day


    OK so I'm guessing Steve did that by accident the truck is green blends pdrfect

    Michaels Gaming

    bro 25000 pounds the f350 series can tow 37000 pounds lmao weak chevy

    trist moren

    Get a new trailer please 🤦🏻‍♂️


    Mike, Weld the rearend up on that beast, fix the 4WD and bring it to Moab once the Lock Down is lifted.

    Jerry Beich

    It’s the four wheel drive actuator in the diff!

    allen kuester

    Just a bunch of spoiled brats ,…. that has never worked a honest day of work in there life….


    I was wondering what happened with the farm lol he said whistling diesel..great now Mike is going to destroy the blazer smh

    Blair W

    You should wrap the new mover

    Silly B

    Yall ain't sending it that well

    tom lynch

    You need to put a longer pipe or a downpipe that’s why it stalls air/fuel ratio

    Brayden Mann

    What’s is doing

    Brayden Mann

    Sup bro how are you doing

    Mike Block

    4 inch lift on there a little more power put snuggle back on fix the four-wheel drive it should be a good

    John Nowak

    There should be a RFracing Streetspeed717 lawnmover race!

    Hayden L

    John Deere is the brand of the south🤣🤣

    Steven Llewellyn

    Dad went though two of those new cub cadets, so much shit wrong with them, electrically and mechanically. Took them back and got a John Deere.

    Gary Colyer

    I would love to play back there with my jeep.

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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