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This Toyota Dealership Scammed My Customer Out of $10,000

Main This Toyota Dealership Scammed My Customer Out of $10,000

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    This Toyota Dealership Scammed My Customer, Here’s How Toyota Dealership are Scamming You, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car scams caught.

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Chen China

    I avoid ANY VIN # starting with 3

    rafael benavides

    You got to watch finance department


    Scotty…maybe someone at the TV station you had your show on is still there and can run with her story.
    Seems more and more Toyota dealers are using dirty business practices.
    Toyota of North America, you listening?

    Brian Meeks II

    Things wrong with this video.1 she bought a Toyota. 2 she doesn’t sound like the sharpest person so no wonder why she got ripped off. Big difference between financing 20k and 45k. 3 not all states allowed recording without disclosure. In some you could be prosecuted by violating someone’s right by recording without permission. Lesson: read stuff before you sign it. I learned that when I was 18. Should have gotten an attorney for predatory lending practices. I hope you didn’t send her to credit union.

    Better Electrically

    Happened to me I got screwed quite a bit on price and interest all because we knock off 3 grand and will cover part of your first payment


    Toyota of Alvin GM Anson Jones cell number 832-618-5653


    Can someone explain how Toyota of Alvin has 4.3 out of 5 on Google reviews?!? This is crazy..

    Jimmy C

    Rev up those lawyers!

    Toyota Brony

    At 0:08, damn that lady looks pissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Michael Bye

    Did she have the car checked out by Scotty before she bought this?

    pall mall

    At this point I'm looking at GMC

    Terry King

    They say that a sucker is born everyday and they sure hooked them one.

    Happy Customer

    Scotty make sure you do a FOLLOW-UP video on this, showing how this wonderful Customer got her MONEY back from the Derelicts at that Stealership!


    Car salesmen can't be trusted. My sisters bf worked as one and was a cheater.

    joseph barany

    I left a bad review on google like if you will too. Toyota of Alvin

    Herp Derp

    Salesmen, and honesty are diametrically opposed.

    Jay Man

    Trump is trying to put a stop to the Mexico made cars and trucks. Make them here with American workers.

    Little Drummer Boii

    Like the new intro Scotty.

    Milan C

    Where can I buy me brand new Toyota truck for $31000?

    Kenneth Hall

    You got to. Look at the figures before you sign anything

    Joe meats

    Scotty, we all know you for, "Rev up your engines" why stop including it?

    Vince Black

    Trust no one and NEVER be in a hurry when it comes to your money and finances people all all out for themselves.

    Mike Fournier


    Scott Donigian

    Cash at all times, I'll never finance a car again, EVER! Also, when I bought my 2010 Lexus in December, the price I negotiated was the otd price (OUT THE DOOR) & that's what I paid!!! Go on YELP & rip the dealership to shreds.

    John C

    Always read the contract before you sign anything. Never trust ppl when it comes to your money.

    Patrick Perlas

    Here's why natural selection is DEAD..


    Jesus died in vain. Accept this.

    Loc Dinh

    Car salesman and car dealers are scammers. The worst part about buying a new car is having to deal with car salesmen at the dealers. Now i know why they try to stop Tesla from saling cars without going through the dealerships. We have to do something to get rid of the car dealers.


    What is even worse is reading how they screw over people from their reviews by saying they have no record of them purchasing any vehicle from their dealership when they have been bamboozled out of their hard earned money and all from the same finance department. Can't wait to see an update on this place being shut down and the people prosecuted for grand larceny

    franz stockmann

    DEALERS ARE SATANS SPAWN. buy the car then steer clear!


    So where's the happy ending? Still sounds like she's paying too much even after the refi. She should see a lawyer and take the dealer to court.

    FukAzz RS

    she doesn't have 2 brain cells to rub together

    Andrew Manche

    scammed by a new car salesman? whodathunkit

    why do regular people buy new cars in the first place? the moment you drive it off the lot you lose at least 30% AND you have to pay interest on that – buy a demo model or a uber low mileage used car with warranty

    only businesses should lease new cars

    Kadrian Jackson

    WOW! Being scammed out of 10k with a 16k up charge they should be in prison

    NC Vman

    They took advantage of her cause she a women. Always bring a strong man along, someone like Trump.

    Lucky Buddha420


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