Monday, March 27, 2023

Time To Turn Wago Up! (Got Gapped)

Main Time To Turn Wago Up! (Got Gapped)

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    jerimiah eder

    What ever happen to Charlie?!?


    hatch would have demolished that evo

    Jarrell Jay Masana

    we miss the rowdessy!!! bring it out for a ride haha

    kyle wallace

    Wago is the only car you have that I wanna see built


    “Kum & Go” 😂💀


    jesus christ wago is fucking clean…….

    Charlene Arms

    Kyle Where's the cap hayden owe it's at home

    J DAYZ

    May we get more hatch content smashing on v8s please 😈 Honda for Life

    Lovin’ KPs

    The day those XXRs are gone will be the day.

    Alex Hines

    Haha kyle can only win in autos, sick to see the wagons hitting the streets again .

    James Wyllie

    Tune tune tune tune

    NoCo cars

    5:14 passes state trooper lol reminds me the last time u did that

    Bluegrass DieCast

    Definitely turn it up!


    Kyle real confident for someone's who's 2nd to 3rd game is doo doo haha
    Jk 😂
    I wanna see wago vs wago!

    Jay Lo

    You guys should do a burnoutsforwyatt


    Make more shopping go cart vidios

    Colby Russell

    Time for another dog box

    Stetson Priesmeyer

    The van needs love! Followers doubled over that thing!

    Mjr Burn

    I know a lot of people don't like the Wago body style but I think she's a sexy little beast and would love to see you put some more love/POWAH into her…

    thirdgen freak

    Needs a hood lol

    Christian Buczko

    Just stick an ls twin turbo in wago and quit whinging about lack of power permantly.

    Martin R

    Kum & Go – Petrol station right oh

    Dana Best

    Can't wait to see wago with a built engine and turn up

    J K

    5:15 and if you look to the left ladies and gentleman you will see as we Americans call "the popo"

    Jeff Flanagan

    100% Build Wago!

    James Ingalls

    What about the hatch or the van

    Gonzalo Cervantes

    You should try to get Charlie back on here! Those wagons sure brought some flashbacks from when you and charlie were novias! Saludos! The whole crew is great!

    Nathan Countyrman

    The waffle with chocolate chips on it is the best!

    Matthew Miller

    But the hatch… 🙂 man if you get wago up in the 700hp range you'll what have 2 cars at 1000hp and 2 at +700hp! Yeeeeeeeee


    Your channel has so much potential. With some better planning, more consistent build content, it would be incredible.


    Those gas stations are just plain ol weird

    Chad McCarthy

    My moneys on Hayden, we all know kyle will miss a gear lol

    David Marcoux

    Kyle fixes shit between eating breakfast and leaving for work that would leave most peoples build down for months 🤣🤣

    David Marcoux

    Wago v wago crime… that’s what I subscribed for!!! (Never once have I been disappointed since, miss that little weirdo though)

Viewing 35 posts - 1 through 35 (of 35 total)
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