Wednesday, March 29, 2023

TOAST Made it to Australia!!! Sketchy Things Happened… + Mystery Machine Blows Up!

Main TOAST Made it to Australia!!! Sketchy Things Happened… + Mystery Machine Blows Up!

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    Our boy Toast is READY for SUMMERNATS! Can’t freaking wait… Cleetus Merch – Cleetus2 Channel – …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Hey guys real quick. I obviously knew the container would be searched. Just didn’t know the car would be removed first thing on arrival. Like I said all good the car is fine!!


    the guy at the customs recognized your name and gave it a "random search" flag

    Cecil Thomas

    Cooper Ripped that thing good to see it finally running


    time to put a liter bike engine in the kushman

    Christopher Johnson

    I want the first Cushman

    Houze Block

    Sounds like u need a bigger pit crew I’m down if u need a guy have some car ull may like 2

    Jesse Torres

    Electric turbos on the mystery machine!!!

    Jonathan Yates

    Leroy motor in the micro van!!

    Time Machine

    byu front wheel drive cadilac and put dravtrain on back mystery machine 😛

    Matze Munz

    That was more like 48mph… 100kmh are 62mph


    Man, they have the authority to open it. There's nothing you can do about it. Them's the rules. They aren't just looking for drugs BTW. Insects, ants, plant material, parts that can be sold for profit without duty etc, in short anything.
    Posting pics on social media is unprofessional. Lodge a complaint but it won't go anywhere as there's nothing directly associating it to you and you'll have to prove loss. I doubt you have 'lost' anything other than a bit of piece of mind.

    In support of your anger, It is true these customs a-holes are a law unto themselves. I live here and had to ring them the other day and they are utterly diabolical to deal with. They have no idea of the law, yet they will tell you they do, and believe their own interpretation, even though that interpretation is plainly wrong.

    What's worse is the threats they make, "If you are found to be in contravention of the act", and the reprisals that will follow:

    They said WTTE, should I be deemed to be "In contravention of the act", regardless of whether Australian Customs deem the matter serious enough to persue in court, I was told I would be banned for life for importing any item and that any item I buy will be seized "For the rest of my life" if I am found to be "In contravention of the act." This is just plainly a damn lie from a dopey fat office worker with just a little bit too much power.

    These are the people you are dealing with.
    Like a vicious dog in a back yard, best not to kick the fence for shits and giggles. Just leave it alone.

    Mike Baz

    I knew exactly what that sound was on the mystery machine from experience, lol

    Reggie Fields

    i literally watch every video please come do a cleetus and cars in stl missouri at Gateway motorsports

    dakota croasdale

    Rip 6.0, actually a pretty clean truck, id daily

    Allan Francis

    Dude they definitely joy rided the car

    Frank Fleming

    Mystery machine +1000cc bike engine would be a good laugh 😂😂😂

    arthur eastridge

    Mystery machine will be unstoppable after it gets on all cylinders. Coop has the ultimate sleeper.


    You were being a little bit naive there with the customs and container stuff. Going to Australia is not like going to Mexico..

    Ivana Notyers

    For the Mystery Toaster, a Centerforce clutch and 50% CH3NO2 in the tank.


    Name jh's truck the JH Gem


    you are located in florida right? how many registrations to you have to renew on your birthday. in Ft. lauderdale you plates expire on your birthday curious to know if you deal with this too

    Logan Statchuk

    7:12. Nice twisted tea. Sure hope you bois aren’t drinkin and driving

    Mike Ellis

    The game is on play store and is called torque burnout not burnout masters found that out when I tryed to download it lol


    i very much enjoy your channel however @risk for getting slammed for this: but I just dont see the point in burnouts? You can get the wheels a spinnin on just about anything depending on how much you want to trash the mechanics, im impressed by high speed, rail riding or precision drifting. Mostly high speed control-it takes a lot of design to go 100mph around a tight turn


    shit Australia doesnt even like to let old imported cars in with powertrains or brake systems because of possible espestis.

    Niagara Falls New York

    28:18 one clean ass mustang

    Adam Breckenridge

    No other diesel sounds better than 6.0 Powerstroke but a Detroit Diesel can come close


    Do a rear engine and make it wheelie


    Hell Yea!!!

    Corey Schultze

    Have fun coming to the country on fire

    ken nak

    wasn’t that the Hillary clinton tour bus!

    Michael Yeaple

    Eggzakly on that spark plug

    Tyler Schoup

    Dale truck! Bring out the dale truck

    draxx Sklounst

    Better get some vegemite to put on Toast if you're going down under

    Sylvain Doiron



    Drop one of those Torque-Amps on the Mystery Van.
    Engage Bald Eagle Mode! 🇺🇸


    *Is that the car from _mad max_?

    Dennis Hawkins

    You have to wash, “detail” the Powerstroke in the Mt. Dew body wash!


    NEVER! trust aussies

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