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Tom breaks every barn find rule and still finds hidden treasure | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 71

Main Tom breaks every barn find rule and still finds hidden treasure | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 71

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    Back to basics! Tom hits the road with zero leads and zero intentions of coming home empty-handed. Due to six straight days of bad weather, Tom is forced to …

    Joe Nelson

    You would have to have a 69 Chevelle although it wasn't a s s I still wish I had my two that I purchased my junior year and senior year in high school the first onewas a true SS which I blew up the engine in it and I had a job working part-time after-school and needed a ride and I panicked and sold the car because I couldn't find an engine for it right away and turn around and bought a Malibu SS which is a 396 car with a turbo 400 and bench seatwhich the original engine had been blown up and a measly old 307 put in its place after I graduated and got a full-time job I purchased an old pickup truck and bought a 65 Chevelle 327 engine and rebuild it and put it in and I had the paint strip down to bare metal and had it painted 79 Corvette blue and purchased all new interior for it and trimbut before I got the interior and trim taken care of I was forced into get rid of the car because of divorce Court 😒

    SNOOP U 2

    It's a 1960 biscyan the Ford with the chrome skirts would make a great custom for being a big wide car.

    Stinky Master

    That vw truck by the 35 Ford was the best thing on the show this time .


    Thanks for posting and sharing. Some thought provoking finds.


    If you were in Wilmington NC you probably drove right by my 1958 Bel Air!

    Keith Ruhl

    That's not a 1959 Chev Tom. Thats a 1960.

    Robert Middleton

    Where can i finds 70 gm rwd coupe

    Patrick Day

    Tom is the ultimate boomer. More confident than competent.

    Jason Weigel

    The cop was like – if I had a garage! What was it sitting in? Clean up that space. Jeeeez. I know people that restore on the street in an apartment complex that would give their left eye for that garage.

    nick koenigs

    The look on Tom's face when hearing the snake story, priceless!

    Dave Brittain

    The guy that has the bug is such a stereotypical English or geography teacher. I would be on it!

    Scott Bungay

    you must have an old car kicking around to drive ,the ford pickup …Really ! you do have an awesome site

    Pave Diesel


    Free Gedanken zur Baukunst

    God damnit . Clean your backyard , old man

    Grant W. Whitwam

    Watching this makes me realize what excellent shape my (1990 and 1971) cars are in. And I think my garage is cluttered!

    Борис Корчмарюк

    Честно я просто в шоке от того что у людей есть такие машины и они ими не пользуются

    Frank Hartranft

    You need an early 50s fat-fender Chevy Suburban for rainy day hunts.


    18.27 is that a boat tail?

    Perry Hvegholm

    "My son wants to take the car and get it running, but i'd rather see someone else take it and enjoy it…" Good Dad.

    Thomas Brasse

    Lots of Charlotte skyline in the first part of this episode. I am free labor on a shoot if you ever need it! We can go cruising for finds in my 66 Mustang convertible.

    Henry Koester

    cool thanks

    Bryan Peters

    Flip flops and a gun…

    Bryan Peters

    I`ll give you $400 for the Bug

    Sauce3 Memes

    I love this show. What a fantastic way to start 2020!!! 🥳🥳🥳


    Rather disappointing episode.

    Ronald Trucks

    That’s a 1960 Chevy, not a 1959.

    Dean Henthorn

    I’ve got a 1953 Ford Customline Fordor that I was going to restore upon retirement. It’s not going to happen now. I’d sell it if there’s anyone interested. Original flathead V8 with manual trans with overdrive. Yes I have the title! No I’m not parting it out, wanting to find somebody who’s into restoration of vintage cars.

    chris tian

    Ooooh man !! Id love a neighbour who wears his Batman tshirt and gun to do gardening 😉

    Antonio Lucenti

    Your next episode should be in waxhaw, North Carolina. I saw a lot of classic cars there.




    THIS IS MY DREAM CAR!LOL,WTF.sitting in a garage surrounded by junk and no car cover..what an idiot,walks out there with flip flops on also?dont get these people..will be junk at some point.


    Flip flops. And a gun…

    William Burke

    1960 unless it was bought in 1959 it would be titled by the dealer 1959

    William Burke


    Philbo200 Lambretta

    These videos depress me.


    So if interested in any of these cars, how do we get in contact with the owners? …Pursuit them??…

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