Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Took The Mr2 To The Space Center! (Need Rocket Engines For The Moon)

Main Took The Mr2 To The Space Center! (Need Rocket Engines For The Moon)

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    Loch Bonsall

    You guys need to do a build that pisses people off like never before, I'm thinking an AMC Pacer gasser with a K-swap!! That would be lit!!

    Michael Kerr

    They could not fly the saturn V right now if they wanted to. Where the hell did you hear that?

    Jerome Estrada

    should get a lift kit


    Let's see a reaction video of your dad in the MR2 with the moontune lol

    Jeremy Jakobsen

    Dad joke alert. How many dad jokes can we fit in one video. Brent hold my coke.

    Ant Man

    Heck yea brother


    Dam I work at a quality inn respond for discounts🤣😂


    10:55 what's up with the Pacer?

    wake the dead

    Where is the Grinch

    Alfa Romeo 33


    Ethan The Fence Man

    So has it occurred to anyone yet that it's gonna be rather difficult for them to unload the trailer off of the trailer without a big forklift?

    Darth Subaru

    The MR2 needs a name 😜

    william jackson

    where has Roman and the Grinch been?

    Lionel Baron

    great video

    Cameron Kussy

    Hey man, I got a 1991 Camaro and a 427 big block Chevy and I can’t do anything with it no more, my HOA and the city of centennial Colorado aren’t helpful in the laws they have made. My car is constantly in jeopardy of being towed. I really want someone to have it and to make it a great car cuz it’s in super great shape, I’ll give you guys the car and the engine, I’d say I’d tow it to you guys too but I can’t afford it, Please like this comment in hopes the Boiz find this and read it. I really want them to have it 🙂

    Matthew Gorman

    you guys are so wholesome


    If you made the hood of your car black and kept the car color the way it is you can name it Apollo. WHAT ? It" goes to the moon bro!


    Boosted Boiz space program with a jump box powered rocket.

    Junior Landscape

    JSC is an amazing place. you guys prolly didn't even see half of it. idk if it has since been opened to the public it wasnt when i was there in 2003 but the NBL (neutral buoyancy laboratory) is mind blowing. i know it was restricted then but my step siblings an i had a family friend that worked there and gave us a private tour ill never forget that spring brake to Texas

    JVN3 D1AZ

    Wheres the subaru red hatch wagon s15 da 1jz etc man puts out the same fukin god dam content step it up love your vids but its all ways base on the same

    Beau Mancini

    In before Flat Earthers… I hope.

    Beau Mancini

    That kid was right, that did look slow!?


    on todays episode in "will it fit in my honda?"

    Catch’a Z

    Called it.. Refer back to my comment 1 month ago….

    Catch'a Z

    1 month ago

    You heard it here first – " The Moon Tune" BoostedBoiz shirt with the MR2 wheelie pic!

    Brad Griffin

    6:40 The Saturn V rocket has been somewhat of a recurring fascination for me from when I was a 5/6 year old in 1969. It's an incredible piece of engineering for its time and is basically a controlled explosion machine. Most of it was fuel containers with just that relatively tiny bit at the front for the space heroes. I can only imagine the feeling inside that tiny module with multi-tons of fuel behind you as you launch. What a trip.

    Brad Griffin

    1:10, Brent, I hug trees too, man. But then, I'm a hippy from way back. Your words pleasantly surprised me, buddy. Trees are awesome.

    Sean Gallagher

    I'd try to make a clean pass on what you have before rocket engines.

    Stephen Kohtz

    @BoostedBoiz fyi you may want to make your merch link an actual clickable link. Currently it is just the text only.

    Sho Dee

    All motor phong needs some boost 😂😂

    Samuel Coleman



    Cheeseburguh Gaming

    R.I.P Vtec Vicky I was only into boostedbois when Integras were around we are a dying breed


    Dis dude Brent definently is high as shit or something hes way to positive. "This tree look how it has grown"

    randall jr Benoit

    I think yall just need a wait distribution hitch, they keep telling me I need 1 for my TUNDRA…

    & those trailers are super heavy duty for tractors NOT race cars not sure why y'all went hulk mabey for multiple projects and better brakes but just food for thought !

    Matt Fields

    Those turbo pumps on the Saturn V engines are ridiculous. The entire first stage gets sucked dry in less than a minute.

    randall jr Benoit

    Boosted boy's space rocket ….it only needs to make it to the moon!

    Dan Baker

    Is that a pinto?

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