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Top 10 All-Electric Supercars that Show Unbeatable Acceleration and Speed

Main Top 10 All-Electric Supercars that Show Unbeatable Acceleration and Speed

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    We have come a long way from the point when electric cars were nothing but an underpowered fad and an attempt of automakers to comply with emission …

    Josh Miller

    Sorry, but I can't stand your accent. 😫


    Not ONE of these cars is for sale yet as a real production car and most of these are just Concepts or Pipe-Dreams. The Aston Martin Rapide E is the only one I would bet on being for sale next year. Even the Tesla Roadster is Flakey to me as the batteries for the car are still not developed yet.


    Piech Mark Zero. If I had the money I would have ordered one while watching the vid.

    Michael Lamborghini Lover

    a week ago my electric was off for almost 9 hours. I guess it would be all right to have an electric car if you have a gasoline powered generator charge it When the powers is off.


    The voice sounds a bit like lemmino channel

    Demar Neufville

    Which one are u most anticipating ?

    Demar Neufville

    Within the next 3-5 years they gonna be more popular than ever cause more people is going to be buying them and knowing about them

    8605 SB

    Nio ep9 is amazing.

    Janirus Paul

    The electric sports cars are good but are still expensive as those using fuel. I thought they were to be cheaper than those using gas engines. So what's really the big deal?

    Fred Ivory

    Damn. Tesla ALMOST designed a good looking car.

    Frank Ly

    Until there is a network of electric charging stations as extensive as gas stations, there is too much range anxiety in a pure EV. You never know when you may be stuck in traffic or when you may need to take a detour. That’s why I cancelled my Taycan order and placed an order for the 992 911 instead. Perhaps in another five years we will have addressed this issue.

    Augustine Lopez

    Yes (E) defines modern but not style a lone.😏☕🎩Just missing my car. 🔥🎼 😎

    John Williams

    Will still go with Tesla for sure! Cheap and sweet.

    Mike Awg

    Tesla Roadster 2020..👍👍👍👍…fast & cheapst thn other….

    2 world

    Its all Rimac technology in different carrosserie…
    1 hour fast and electricited,30 min of charging for 80% everytime.
    Wish there was a test with who will reach the finisch line first on a distance of 1k Km,1 hyper EV and a combustion hypercar

    Truth Will Set You Free! 777

    I admire and respect modern engineering and technology and all, but these cars are trash after a thirty mile per hour collision!

    Somyajit Nath

    The Peich looks just like an Aston Martin from some angles…

    sada das

    Tesla is doing 400 kmh? Whit that silly little plastic wing? Yeah, I seriously doubt that. Overall, you just have to look at aerodinamic shapes of cars that going 300+kmh and you will realize that the shape of this car is made withstand up to 250 kmh. No more.

    Silly little Elion, what he will not say to get some attention.

    Bogdan Toma

    Outside ofmthe vw race car (not supercar) none of the others exists…so nothing on this list exists, to ba called a car, let alone a supercar…they may be on the streets in the future, and only then will they be tested to see if they are supercars…also the rapide e is nit a suoercar, the same way tesla s p100dl is not.
    The standards for supercars should be altered as electric tech is drastically better than ice tech, so using previous standards will be less smart.

    Victor G.

    Exagon Furtive E-GT, not the fastest but the most beautiful on my opinion.

    Gu Nesnaj

    Refreshing developments. Ferrari will soon be history with their same old designs. All the mainstream manufacturers have been caught with their pants down by Elon Musk. The industrialists prefer to make money for their shareholders instead of pushing technical innovation.


    2 things I dont like about this video…..the cars are too expensive for me, and the fact that this guy cant pronounce the word electric properly. Why does he insist on saying "electwic" ?


    Piech automotive mark zero is totally exciting

    smoked buns

    Pininfarina Battista

    Hunter XXL

    Rimac c two bwby only 342 miles 😉 eh but nice horse power even they couldnt make u to be with more than a sec faster than the base roadster 2.0

    Hunter XXL

    Hey kido dont underate my roadster first of all its not 400kmh its 400+ and maybe ++ two u didnt mention that its the base model

    Patrick Davan

    Very interesting, but any range under five hundred miles and any price that requires a second mortgage isn't worth buying..


    4:17 has the same acceleration of the Zero DSR (motorcycle) that I will by soon

    Marco Brancorsini

    Lmao I have the impression that you hate ICE cars and hope electrics completely take over as ICE cars are all destroyed. It's just an impression, not saying that you explicitly said that or anything.

    Dude 123

    Wow… Nice video!!!

    Brian EJ

    The rate of battery improvement is nuts!! 2 seconds to 60 mph … holy crap, that's like sci- fi movie stuff, not a super car or two. Can't wait until the prices are more real to "us common folk". But it'll come in time.


    i love electric cars and bikes , i hope the fuel engine keep on , but i would buy an electric car instead , we are living in 2019 , it's what we suppose to buy , it's what people decades ago fantasized about, and we get to see it , we r lucky

    Markus Patients

    All cars should look like a Pininfarina design. It's just sheet metal. Got to get those price tags down a bit though and production up. I don't want to go that fast. 110 mph Tops! "Of-course"

    Friedrich Garz

    Can't wait for the big names to start producing electric seven to ten seater MPV's. For the more discerning families.

    Brian Kirby

    You who ridicule of what you are not knowledgeable revel in your ignorance and miss the true automobile engineering revolution of all our lifetime.

    who create GOD?

    yeah lets kill some dirty smoking car!

    piyush rawat

    Sir where is range rover hunter?

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    TESLA 3000! Performs like a Bugatti, costs like a Porsche

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