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Top 10 Helicopters as Fast as Jet Aircraft (Comparing Speed Records)

Main Top 10 Helicopters as Fast as Jet Aircraft (Comparing Speed Records)

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    Due to the limitations set by the laws of physics, the top speed parameter is not the most important one for a helicopter, and is being sidelined by such technical …

    Atikur Rahman

    2020 Airbus Racer

    Betting Lizzard99

    The Airbus racer is now on sale for 256milion dollars. Nee x3.

    Farmer Bold

    The Bell V-280 is the clear choice for the U.S. military … I hope. I would love to see more powerful engines to increase the altitude and esp. the speed to 400-plus MPH esp. if that could be the cruising speed with a maximum of well over that and which is possible without jet engine thrust. Wider wings by just as few inches would increase range too with little extra drag, no doubt. (Not a helicopter but for the same purpose or replacement of vertical lift/landing craft.)

    Demar Neufville

    They were all cool to me, but man them things r expensive


    Many of these are NOT helicopters, but rather VTOL turboprop planes

    Michael C

    All are cool, but the Airbus Racer and the S-97 really stood out to me!


    Your channel deserves more subscribers as it is so versatile giving the very fine and minute necessary details, in today's video you didn't mentioned the maximum ceiling/altitude height the particular helicopter can achieve.

    Joe Strother

    Do the coaxial rotors, counter rotating rotors, on X2 style craft auto rotate when there is a loss of power as they do on most conventional helicopters?

    Jacob Smith

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    Although a release of a new helicopter model is a rather rare event, it's fun to see how newer models compare to the older ones. Here are some of the fastest helicopters that currently exist. Which one do you like the most?

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