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Top 10 Upcoming Pickup Trucks You Should Buy in 2020 Model Year

Main Top 10 Upcoming Pickup Trucks You Should Buy in 2020 Model Year

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    Regardless whether you are a person of trade, a camping enthusiast or someone who simply enjoys driving a practical and versatile vehicle, you should be …

    Atikur Rahman

    Please show some upcoming SUVs

    Brian Walker

    I want the Santa Cruz concept, or a SUV w/a pick up bed, not another Pickup


    The thing that inspired me the most is the scokda part listen to then you will know why

    Rex Floyd

    The ram and ford are prob the best two, Sierra is a good one too. In my opinion the ram looks the best and for sure has the most interior usability

    Luis González

    A Tarok is Mountiaq. A Mountiaq is a Tarok. Lol VW gang being lazy yet again.


    Chevy must have gotten some bad feedback from their drivers. Lol. They really ungraded that tailgate though. Great job. Loll.

    ThatOneCarGuy 3

    They’ve messed up the Silverado’s design. Like why? How? Who’s in charge of this?


    The only thing new pick up trucks can't do- Is the job they were originally designed for, carry a load.

    Alex SAMANO

    You forgot the Frontier

    Froosi Froosii

    Thumbs up thanks for sharing
    All the American trucks I don't care about them // but the last 2 are Amazing


    Watch the movie 'Gladiator', other than that good video as usual 👍


    I'll stick with the f series but the skoda is a little attractive.

    Pearce Coathup

    Great video, about to check out some more of your videos.


    WTF is a SKODA?


    I love the idea of the Rivian but 70k is a bit more than im willing to spend on a pickup. Ill need to see how an electric truck handles on the road as well.
    I can barely keep my EV on a flat road without the traction control kicking in.

    Demar Neufville

    The rivian is what i like most and am mostly anticipating a really like the looks of the skoda montiaq and the vw pick up.
    Which one r u most anticipating?


    Very nice.


    Hyundai Santa Cruz is the best chance for production, as the huge global automaker needs an off road truck in its line up.


    Dangit I missed it, what day is it?


    Ford Super Duty is a winner!!!!!

    minnie saab


    Friedrich Garz

    The big Fords, Chevys, GMCs look great, I am so jealous of the American farmers who get to enjoy these big boys on their farms, we have to be satisfied with the babies of the stables. Even that Toyota would be a huge welcome here in South Africa, but us smaller farmers would never be able to afford it.
    Massive trucks with like sized price tags.
    That Rivion all electric looks like a great option although at that price and our exchange rate it would never be used as a farm truck ever!!!


    2020 looks very disappointing…the only truck that's mildly appealing is the ram 1500…reasonably stylish & good proportions . What was Hyundai thinking….ahhh that's rediculas . Have we forgotten what these vehicles are for…. space!!! Lots of practical SPACE. Who asked for an SUV with a small bed space…..

    No one did…


    Chevy Silverado styling is going down. Probably, because they are spending less to style their vehicles. Another example of GM cost-cutting. They are a company on the way out.

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    Pick up trucks are amoung those vehicles that continue to attract new consumers with their versatility and practicality. As a result, manufacturers are trying to satisfy this demand with new models. Here some of the best trucks that are coming in 2020. Which one is your favorite?

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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