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Toronto Meet And Drive – September 29th – Final Reminder

Main Toronto Meet And Drive – September 29th – Final Reminder

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    This is a final reminder for those who want to meet up with a few video creators and those who enjoy cars. Drag Strip Open and Spectator Pass The Straight …

    dan noyes

    Sounds Great! – If only I still lived in Erie… If only I were 40 years younger… If, If, if….

    Riley Gifford

    So excited for this track day! I will be leaving and making the 4 hour drive up with my GTI! Thanks for putting this together Mr. Goose.

    Nicola inikkor

    How about some lube for that Ariel?

    Acura Addicted

    First time I'm hearing about it. Thanks!


    Is it me or was he lugging the engine? I was expecting him to downshift.

    Lawrence Timme

    You should probably oil those brakes so they don't screech like that

    Data Storage

    If you're here in Toronto now, let me know and I'll take you guys to a steak dinner and talk cars. Don't tell the Straight Pipes guys.


    I'm excited for this meet. I'll be out there setting the slowest lap times in my old hooptie of car. It has to make it back home.

    Domenic Mitri

    Dammit, wish I had my passport.

    Colin Kao

    So wanted to attend, but alas I have family

    Hyogo Marume

    The one time I hate living in LA….

    Ace of Spades

    Ugh…. I so want to drive Miatas with Jack Singapore and Senor Goose @ TMP…. Too bad I'm 2k miles away.
    Goose also needs to take the Speed Academy NC Miata challenge and put down a laptime. Jakub and Yuri put down good times and are halfway down the stick. God that Atom sounds great, good stuff!

    John Poe

    This sounds like a lot of fun! If I weren't so far away (SC), I'd be there. If you ever come down this way – Carolina Motorsports Park, Road Atlanta, VIR, etc. – I will definitely try to make it. I hope you have a great turnout!

    Levent Ergün

    Was that a 5th gear lap? holy shit.


    Atom CVT????


    No throttle house?

    David M

    What did you do with Turbowski?

    Seán O’Nilbud

    You missed a golden opportunity to remind people of the Canadian rules of the road they don't have in the US. Then make up some ridiculous bullshit about having to stop for 5 minutes every half an hour to preserve the pinemartins by order of Queen Trudeau.


    Feelsbadman my brother has a camp to go to so now I can't go


    Did you drive the Atom? from Chicago? To Toronto? If so…respect. Good luck driving it on the DVP or QEW in traffic!


    Can someone take me to Canada?

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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