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Toyota 4 Runner Battery Goes Dead After Sitting For 2 Weeks

Main Toyota 4 Runner Battery Goes Dead After Sitting For 2 Weeks

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    moe bassij

    great job. thanks.

    j georges

    Ramon, excellent info as always and i do have the same amp meter for the price it is a good tool. cheeeeeeers


    Thank you Sir. Very well done indeed. Methodic application of logic wins the day. Again! Nice work.

    Angel Garcia

    Great video Ramon. Love the relay tester. I like it better than the ones that have the prongs that you can buy. Will have to make one like it.
    Thanks for bringing us along

    Robert Montgomery

    Excellent video

    david price

    Bad altenator?


    That’s the stuff that makes you pull your hair out lol thanks for sharing

    Billy Yoder

    Thank you Ramon. Good job. Have a blessed and safe week.

    Jack Daniels

    Good job! Had a Taurus that was drawing 60 mA. Book said something like 50 mA, but I was using a cheap meter. After everything timed out the BCM was still drawing about 60 mA.

    The elderly lady would not drive car for 3 weeks. We installed the largest optional battery and she has not had any problems. Scope test says look for less than 80 mA, in general. Even some newer cars draw more than the 36 mA, over 50 mA or less or possible 0 mA the old cars had. Charging systems voltage specs could be as low as 13.85v and car has no problem. Other cars should be 14v or more like the old models. Something to think about when doing automotive electrical testing. Another Chevy truck we found zero current draw. Truck was parked on the hill at shop and shop owner drove past the shop one night and found the problem. Brake lights were on! When learning, nothing seems to be written in stone anymore, specs or what use to be facts change! The charging system and electrical test image that has been floating around the internet for decades is no longer true. Be careful where you get your automotive information. The correct answer on automotive or ASE test changes over time. Some questions, the correct answer is not even the right answer, so you must pick the best answer given the choices. Everything is more vehicle specific these days. That service information subscription isn’t free, but it’s your automotive library card! A good deal compared to purchasing all those paper manuals. RTFM is the best advice I ever got. People get on the internet asking for help when they are actually lacking information and have done zero diagnostics. They are looking for silver bullets or free information and I usually ignore them. A Haynes manual is better than nothing. Lady says, Can you tell me what’s wrong with my car (over the internet)? Nope, I can guess but without testing the vehicle, there is greater than a 70% chance I could be wrong. The best thing to do is pay somebody to fix your car. A broken timing chain tensioner and replacing chain kit could have fixed ten thousand cars on youtube, but that does not mean it will fix YOUR car.

    Arthur Fricchione

    Ramon another video. Good troubleshooting. I believe there are charts that covert the millivolts drop across the fuse to an amperage rating for different style of fuses.Just some info I'm ure you know about. Parasitic draws are hard to find. Lucked out having everything right there in the open. Good find and thanks for your time and sharing. 👍

    Neil McRobbie

    another great video!
    Using voltage drop to look at current is less risky than trying to run the current through the multimeter on DC amps…..there are tables to convert volt drop into amps for the various fuse ratings.


    Nice find. Thanks for sharing 👍

    Drews Auto

    Great wrk thanx for sharing

    Bill Rimmer

    I have that same little meter. Very happy with it. Excellent diagnostic methods!!


    Definitely keep an eye out for things that were connected to the alternator or starter. Sometimes that is a more convenient connection point than the actual battery.

    Hayward’s Automotive

    Nice diag Ramon! Gotta love AM installed parts not on a wiring schematic.

    Mansour Alblooshi

    Thanks for making n sharing this video. Some aftermarket add-ons makes this kind of issues. I will isolate them first then do my checks on fuse boxes. Then I'll connect them one by one to see which one is bad.

    Cody’s Auto Diagnostics

    Beautiful vehicle

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