Monday, March 27, 2023

Toyota Called Me Back Regarding the 2020 Supra!

Main Toyota Called Me Back Regarding the 2020 Supra!

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    You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my Ferrari 458, BRZ, Supra, RX-7, 2JZ 350z, vlogs and everything else that I record and share with …

    Jacob strickland

    I think a wrecked R35 rebuild would be awesome.


    Hey Teeg,
    What product from Maguire would work best on removing sun block stains on the body of my car?


    Have a Nos switch like Dom's RX7 from Fast and Furious 1


    Like I said couldn't take care of your old one but you're going to buy a new one but what the fuck bro

    Enrico Oliva

    They got that bromance

    CarPhonix CarAudio

    Nice nav unit broooooooooooo

    J issa

    I agree start driving your cars, I want some content like freshkicks lol

    Ryan Huston

    is supra turbo?

    jose torres

    Should’ve made the video 10 minutes

    DvG Cardinal

    Saw the new ink looks dope asf

    Glen Portanova Jr

    I hear bro or boys again ima hang it up I'll quit life on the spot fuck n God damn Rob can damn shazzam

    Bhavneet Saini

    Ayyyy I have the same Nav in my car. I suggest putting a Mazda wallpaper on it so it looks nicer

    Ronald Charles Nunag


    marc frost

    Calvin and TJ 100% coming to Area 51 to get them aliens

    Miguel Hernandez

    Who’s the girl in the blue dress? She got a booty.

    hector pena

    Come down to klamath falls while you’re in or

    Kaden Doell

    Tj when are you going to upload more dirtbike vids??

    GotSilver? Collecting coins comics and statues.

    So much other nonsense….just wanted to see about the call….no more clicking on these videos😒


    2 days later I GOT THE SUPRA!!!!

    Edgar Briseno

    When going to the meeting you gotta pull up in the mark iv supra😂😂

    Damo Ryan

    Hope you get the new super will be good what you will do with it

    . Scout

    The chick in the dress is by FAR finer than Sabrina, hope you are double dipping into that poon

    Jeremy L

    BROOO Brina friend got booty 😅

    Thang Sian

    A day late but @6:00 is when he started talking about supra..

    Derek Sizemore

    At this point I just skip through the videos until I see something other than TJ talking. IMO its gets old just listening, I miss all the shenanigans.

    Michael Samuel

    you should install those breaker switches on your car like when you have them sitting on the lift or parked up. So you don't have to keep jumping or buying new batteries.

    Tim Shaw

    Full send r35 widebody ?

    mitch bergstrom

    Holy shit this "Broooo" thing is old

    Matthew Miles

    So cool to see you in seattle, never thought it would happen

    Peter Romero

    no need to hit the gym. just do a set on your doors and your good hehe


    If you want your subs to believe you read every single comment than prove to us you do and pin this comment…. our balls are in your court tj

    Martin lyons

    Toyota ha ha ha – good taxi ha ha ha

    Tyler Erdman

    When your girls best friend is hotter 😂😂👀

    bustin justin

    That pioneer nav system can you send me the link to it I want it for my Scion

    Octavio Salgado

    What type of navigation is that? Anyone know, please link it to me.



    Colby 0101

    Brooooooooooooooo fix your interior already Calvin

    Lazaro Hernandez

    Your hard work is paying off – come to Florida – like in your previous post – Someone mentioned Earl Stewart Toyota….then like others have said you can do a VLOG as you drive back, plus Florida ladies are much hotter…😁

    sean buckner

    Your girls sister is hot as f bro hahaha

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