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Toyota Camry – Crank, No Start – Part I

Main Toyota Camry – Crank, No Start – Part I

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    In this video I have a look at a 2007 Toyota Camry that was towed in with a “crank, no start.” It was a quick diagnosis that led us right to the problem. I didn’t get …


    Does it need a brake job?

    The PS4ProGamingBros

    I love the jasper engines poster I live near jasper in Indiana


    Looks like Mr Pro missed a couple of steps. You didn't check the amperage on the power wire going to the pump to verify that it's working or not and you didn't check the fuel injectors to see if they were being controlled. Scotty Kilmer number 2

    David Martinez

    he is going to buy the fill pump on ebay and have problems

    Jim Ferguson

    Not good customer Eric. Gets your diagnosis then ships it out to a friend to fit a cheap EBay part. "A real penny pincher."


    Lmao these people hating on scotty prolly a bunch of burner boys mad cause he tells them their imports are a bunch of crap.


    Part 1= Diagnose
    Part 2- Repair (cancelled)

    In local news, a little bit of a slow-up on I 86 near I 390 interchange due to a car fire, thankfully no one was hurt. Fire officials suspect a fuel system leak to be the cause.

    Moral of the story; Fuel system integrity is of utmost importance. Be absolutely certain you're capable to task, otherwise best left to pro for R&R.

    r8ersazfan 1

    What!? Different hat!

    Big Dog50001 Automotive

    Did Scotty autograph that bailing wire he left there??

    RareDiamond Ching

    Ebay? Are those any good or will he be back soon?


    Nice Telephone Ring Sound FX at the end there Eric hahahaha shweeet Fix.

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Good video Eric O


    Doing diagnosis is more lucrative than doing the repairs sometimes especially like this one, although this would've been a gravy repair too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Lol @ Scotty Kilmer yeah toyotas break down all the time that's what gets fixed at my shop the most

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    That's a newer Camry too

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Omg Eric O working on a Toyota shocking

    John McCauley

    Hey Mr "O" … do you and Scotty Kilmer have a beef ??

    107 garage

    Need a link for that spark tester

    carlo mango

    Eric I have a 88 honda civic. Its been sitting for over a year. However, its got new battery, distributor, main relay and the gas tank is full. So, it just cranks but wont start. I checked for spark, its got it. How do you know if the car is out of mechanical timing? Could that cause a crank no start. Is there a way to check computer with a test light? A simple basic test to determine if main computer is ok? I also tap lightly where fuel pump is and it does work as you see fuel pouring out the fuel rail. Engine also has clean oil. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.




    That Camry has been turned into a hoar…poked everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‘

    The Automotive Doctor Mr. Wilson

    Oh yeah brake clean , that's the stuff . A must have in a diagnostic kit .

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