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    This is the new Toyota Corolla! It’s fair to say previous generations of the Corolla (or Auris, as it used to be called) were known for being good value for money, …

    Hobo The Dog

    here in Australia, the new corolla sold like nothing else

    Massimo Cocchia

    You just said: if you are interested in a Hybrid compact car just go ahead. The Corolla is a car before being an hybrid so I guess your verdict is that there are much better alternatives

    DG Bourdon

    Looks great, and hybrid tech is clever. However, some of those annoying features and haphazard driver aid buttons would do my head in. I thought the Japanese were logical like the germans….seems not! Great vid by the way, maybe a tad too much car wow references. Maybe once at the beginning and once at the end chap. Plus what is it with poor resolution screen that is less screen more frame!!!

    Zymon Rubi

    hey, I'm just a 16 year old person do you think i can flex with this car?

    Doudy Ali Shah

    Will this car lauch in Pakistan next year?

    Kiril Georgiev

    Hey, Mat!
    I was wondering if you plan do to a review of the 2019 Toyota RAV4 any time soon?

    Edsterspeed 100

    I would shortlist it, only because I think the focus is better


    I would get the 6 speed manual one


    I don't think it's worth £24000.Not very impressive.Well it has a good exterior but the interior isn't that impressive.I think you should just shortlist it.


    I don't know about the Germans but this is the sexiest Japanese hatch I've ever seen like lit 🔥🔥🔥

    Wayne Bong

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful ❤️
    I will definitely go ahead and buy it, exactly what the verdict says

    Khayyam Bader


    Khayyam Bader


    Pawel X

    11:10 – Mat does trust technology…

    Özgün Demir

    Finally a properly designed car from toyota, looks great

    Neil Mark

    But it ain't an AE 86

    Joshua Okwedi
    Jez Stokes

    5:52 “now let’s move on to theAuris’s back seat…”


    A lot is short comings while it looks pretty good.

    Ivan Liao

    Still no touch screens for lexus….Toyota keys looking better than lexus too….

    Ivan Liao

    Wished I lived in the UK so I can use carwow to save XD

    Aphiwe Masondo

    What a superb car! 👌

    Rizki Pratama

    13.45 BMW 840D don't hit it Mat.

    Jeremy JS

    Great review. Aside from fun to drive, there’s incredible fun to be had knowing it will never go wrong

    David Handley

    You really are a very entertaining car reviewer. And probably a lot of fun on a Friday night. 😂👍

    Antonio Hernandez

    Been watching a lot of car wow and can’t say I’ve ever seen a ‘go ahead and buy it’ verdict…ever

    Rakshith Ravindra

    Why do you hide the carwow score on your table on all videos..🤔🤔

    Prithvi Mohankumar

    3:14 PewDiePie reference

    Rudra Dhir

    5:53 hello

    Luis Eduardo Lozano

    10:18 LOOOLLL

    Jamie Spinks

    21,000 pounds for a Corolla, ouch!! Here Down Under they start from under 14,500 pounds (AUD27,000).

    Major Spam

    Matt is adding those wrinkles.


    Toyoto gets good reviews for the first time by mat watson

    Julian G Bermudez Vega

    It has apple car play

    Glen M Lj

    Pretty sure Toyota's K120 CVT is gooood, but nah, still a CVT and I never like CVTs in general.

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