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    We show you a look at a failed review attempt and some of what goes into the process. While not every production can go well, some just fall flat in every way.






    Love that video ending.


    it's all a learning process, i'm glad Jack is happy to help out when you're lacking time. Take your time Mark, and don't worry Jack, you'll improve quickly

    Brendan Carlson

    Anyone going to mention the car that was on fire?

    Cassette Walkman


    Koj Txiv

    This was probably theeee worst Tacoma video on YouTube

    Alec Baye

    The stickers on the back of that element are horrendous


    So… you're not going to address that abomination behind you?

    Mohammed Hassouneh

    Mark: Will you be coming back to do do videos in the future?

    Jay The Cyborg

    This was great, rather than try to hide the imperfections, you brought us “in” ….genius.

    Jase Tyler

    I actually liked his review lol. It’s a nice looking truck imo but decent at best overall. It really needs a HUGE refresh in a lot of areas

    Brent Ferrell

    Please Toyota give this truck a moderate refresh👎🏼🤮


    I feel like jack shouldn't try so hard to get geese's style down. Unless specifically asked for it, if he feels comfortable trying a different take I don't see why not try it out. Worst case, geese/mark keeps doing this regular thing. Best case, we get two unique styles of presentation on the same platform.

    Jack in other videos seems like he's having a good time when he's just talking about whatever comes to mind. Maybe rambling a bit in front of the camera can help him figure out his groove.

    Mark Rozenberg

    Keep at it, Jack!


    It's a truck, not a luxury car, a truck. You buy say.. one of the big 3 full sized trucks wrapped in leather with every gadget and creature comfort under the sun, you're buying an overpriced car with a truck bed on it… probably to fetch groceries and be a pain in the rear to park. That, and buy or review one with a manual stick shift, much better than the slush box from what I hear.

    Will Esco

    Is cool bro u did well for your 1st review is cool. This channel has everything, love what you guys do keep it up and the humor hands up is freaking funny . Todd u have a gift of humor that's so natural for u is like a second nature never change man.

    Ech0 Four19

    Thank you for putting this out. Makes me appreciate the normal amazing high quality of this channel just that much more!

    Pürgatöry Priest

    9:39 onwards. 😆👍🏽

    Chad Foust

    Hang in there. Keep your head up

    Tano Bonfanti

    you have a good friend


    Hell yeah man! it's hard to do something the first time, great job, keep at it!

    John Greenway

    “Bastard Geese”, an Angry Jack Production.

    What happens when

    is anyone going to point out the guys Golden Radio Voice??


    keep Jack oblivious about the obscure arts of car reviewing but keep him reviewing cars

    hope it goes all well in your dragonkin transition

    Bonnie Sidsworth

    5:35 — cool time lapse, and I thought the ethnically ambiguous guy did great for his first time…. : )

    G_ Skul

    Nice Element. Go Bears!


    00:56 "Proud parents of a gay cat" LOL


    I got nothing but love for SG and Jack. If it was easy then every YT channel would be gold. Why do we fall Jack? Why do we fall? Plus, he's an engineer. You can't expect him to talk to people.


    Ethnically ambiguous? OMFG that is fucking funny! Personally Jack, I think you did just fine. Don't get me wrong, there's is plenty of room for improvement and refinement. But I, for one, am willing to take this journey of self discovery with you!

    nonam nonam

    God I'm jealous of this man's voice.

    Clowneous Honkus III

    Cool a $45,000 Tacoma with Fox shocks. 😴

    Walter McMurry

    Jack, what a great friend you are to do this, my hat is off to you man!

    Zach Stimely

    JUNGLE POWER! rofl.

    real karfixer

    Ok so this was only the second best car review show on YouTube this time.

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