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TRACK BATTLE – 2019 Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai Veloster N

Main TRACK BATTLE – 2019 Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai Veloster N

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    We go for a drive on the track in the 2019 Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai Veloster N Support us on Patreon: Become …


    Type R or Veloster N for the track? Is 1-2 seconds worth $6000-7000 to you? Watch our ROAD review here:

    Also thanks to our early video access Patreon supporters Michael H, Somark L, Sean R, Oliver U, Arthur E, David C, Israel C, Luke M, De Kun L, James M, Julian M, Graeme P, Ethan L, Charles E, Pavo B, LeaseCosts Canada, Edgarson R, Ryan J, Kevin D, Allen G, Andrew R, Joe, Waleed M, Hyogo M, Omar, J, Matt W, Bill B, Kelvin K, Carlos L, Forrest W, Kevin S, Brad M, 10ShapedFist, Phuong N, Santhosh B, Peter S, MK, Andy B, Casey A, Rob J, Andrew L, Jayjay S, Christopher K, Artur N, Alexander M, Edward A, Carlin M, Pablo O, Kevin J, Jim G, Kirk H, Brylon E, Glenn K, James S, Rohit S, Grant H, Henry K, Sean F, Kim H, Joel P, larusso, Dallon H, Nealon Y, Giliar D, Matthew G, John D, Devin B, Eric W, Brian H, Fei D, Chad S, Cameron P, Nelson C, Eric Z, Griffin O, Daniel R, James B, Doanh L, Aaron B, Armel M, Jordan R, David, Maciej S, Nihilia, Geoffrey G, Jeff M, Christopher B, David G, Thomas B, Diondi T, Brendan T, Owen Q, jj, Andersen G, Aaron A, Idean N, Wesley M, Jin L, John S, SY, Jessie Z, Jordan S, Special K, Victor L, Logan S, Michael G, Brett, Justin O, Darren J, Noel M, Scott G, Chris B, Aaron M E, Alexander R, Charlie P, Siu C, Andrew G, Tyler S, Kevin W, Matt O'C, Ahsan U, Theo E, Dylan P, Melissa N, Joshua B, 6ixSet Toronto, Nawraz B, Joe W, Im_Justin, Loren K, Scott A, Tyler K, Andrew, Wesley T, Kevin W, Will B, Jon B, Ajay J, Evan D, Fabio S, Ben's Car Blog, Josh S, arkon, Matt C, Tejawn H, Shawn A, Artur N, Robert J, Daniel M, Noah M, Daniel B, Daniel D, Ryan S, jinhhh, Andrew Z, Leo B, Marko M, Daniel K, Tom E, Vinn T, Sandeep J, Erick M, Wenrui C Y, Zasrin, Calle C, Mattias B, Jen S, Marc B, Max S, Karen L, Filip S, Chris, Robert E, Chris A, Joshua K! Check out the cool rewards at

    Gilles Thibault

    The cars are very different IRL. The Veloster is tiny inside, whereas the Type R is huge in comparison. One is a subcompact, the other one almost midsize. The Civic makes an excellent family car.


    Yess just found my new uberx car

    Messi Leo

    Good job guys

    Marc M

    Ah…what will the Hyundai be worth down the road though? A Hyundai is no Honda…come on guys. Type R is a no brainer here

    Caelan Ho

    Can you guys review the 2019 Honda Civic Coupe Sport please?


    Shame you don’t get the i30 N there.


    I’m surprised the longevity of the tires isn’t brought up more. I think the dealership material says they are expected to last like 15k. Do people not mention it cuz the Veloster N is similar or because people aren’t dailying the stock Type R tires or what?

    NPC Dude

    this really feels more like an advertisement than anything else.

    Logan Singer

    For the money I would say the N but the better car is the civic for sure. I do think the type R is a bargain compared to the RS and STI though.

    j hrk

    Type R is no brain decision


    You guys able to film up to 4K? 1080p feels archaic…

    Visibility Zero

    Great work you guys. Its entertaining and a nice change to see enthusiastic genuine guys having fun with cars without all the BS

    F23A4 Accord

    Allergic to hard plastics so…..

    Tyler Stephen

    Hyundai was pre mature first time..

    dillon james

    Type r isn't lunching right


    umm finish line looked like ya lost? pretty clear the Hyundai won that first race.

    Alvin Yap

    I think between the two, I'd take the Civic because a) The Honda brand stands out more to me and b) The resale value of the Civic is likely better. That said, if I was given one of the two, I'd take the Type R, sell it, and get a SI. The Type R has got to be a pain in the rear to keep clean with all the edges and cuts.


    Corolla Hybrid vs Prius Hybrid

    Psylent Productions

    The REAL winner of this track battle is the hero that we desperately need but do not deserve: a new Mazdaspeed 3.

    Degaulle Lazaro

    Lol…. Who wants to buy a hyundai. The comparison isn't even close.

    Tashia Flores

    If you're racing towards the white line the HN won the first one and the HTR won the second drag.


    as a black man, i cant stop laughing every time they said "N mode."

    najmi ismail

    u will spend more than 6k to upgrade the N to beat the type R..

    TWM M

    Awesome video, eh!


    I notice you guys are always bashing on the type r. Honda haters? The civic is better than any car in its class. It's more practical (leg space, headroom, cargo space), better interior, more reliable (Honda, duh), no torque steer, great gas mileage, and great resale value. It will be a classic. The N will be a normal car faster than you can say civic.


    It's not that much faster in the drag? Lmao. It pulled like 2 car lengths lol

    Timothy Musgrove

    TheStraightPipes —
    OK…Hyundai is hiring all these BMW M guys for the Veloster N so "where's the beef"? My comment on the Veloster N from your previous video review stands. Road & Track magazine in their review made similar observations on this car. They have not sorted out the chassis/suspension tuning in this car. Electronic aids are fine and dandy for an assist, but it does not replace good mechanical engineering expertise…
    I'm actually embarrassed for these former BMW M Performance Group employees….LOL!

    David Spice

    Regular car A

    Neo Hideo

    Still Civic 4me. I just don't like Hyundai styling.

    Nikita Smith

    The n is like a small kid who never listens and the civic is like a business man who knows how to have fun on weekends

    Fi ggy

    Korean shit box 👎🏾😭

    Minhyung Kim

    Hyundai should bring i30n to north america😫

    Joe Bergeron

    I have to say, that you guys are really great while doing your reviews. And this track review is no different. I think the thing that I like from your reviews is that you two keep it real. Whenever I get asked about buying a vehicle, there are 3 things right off the top that I look for: how does it feel in your hands, how does it feel on your butt and how is it going to feel in your wallet. You guys cover those points extremely well. The chemistry of how you agree, disagree and agree to disagree is not pretentious but honest and respectful. Keep up the great work!

    Gerald Rodz

    1-2 seconds is A LOT car wise, to get the N as fast as the civic you would have to spend basically what you saved buying the N veloster instead of the civic


    Lol the type-r is so much more car, hence the additional 6-7k. Around the nurburgring, the type-r would probably beat that Hyundai by 5 to 6 seconds, easily. Additionally, the type R is classified as the fastest front wheel drive car in the world and the fastest front wheel drive on the ring.


    Absolutely hate that color on the Veloster

    Defy Convention

    Whatchu think I'd let you roll in a Hyundai?

    Clyde Ster

    Yuri – keepin' "eh" alive.

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