Monday, March 27, 2023

TRAVEL VLOG W/2020 FORD SHELBY MUSTANG GT350!*San Francisco Treat*

Main TRAVEL VLOG W/2020 FORD SHELBY MUSTANG GT350!*San Francisco Treat*

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    Gotham_City54 54ways

    Love the channel bro and it's always good to see the family come along with you

    Dave Scott

    Dude, I didn't see one car in that museum, not one. So, what do you think is the better daily driver, Mamba or GT 350?

    Reg Evans

    Hopefully everyone gotta he Rice-A-Roni reference!! 😛

    Big Bruce

    Im going to comment again. You mentioned that you would like to have a GT350 for a DD. I think that would be awesome. Maybe cancel the C8 and get a GT350 or GT350R.
    I say that because you have come such a long way with your relationship with Ford. Plus you would have Mamba for the Dragstrip, GT350 for daily (plus you would have a stick shift Stang), and GT500 for Everything 😁.
    BTW, I see a man that's on his way to a Ford sponsorship of some kind. 🤯
    Be Blessed.


    Ford family? You bought a c8 a Ford only driver Ford car's or trucks just like me all 6 car's and trucks are Ford


    Views on views!!!!! Thx, Bro!!!!!

    chailo wanks

    I honestly didn’t think that family and a mustang could co exist. Living proof!! Much love m8

    Ultimate M

    Were any improvements made to the 2020 GT350?

    Jorge Almodovar

    Rain Forest??? Where is the Coqui??

    John Roth

    Really enjoyed this video. Watching you and family enjoying the trip made this video.

    Racing Fox

    Man! You look like your from California! Beautiful wife cute kid and a hot Mustang!……..can I get your autograph rockstar? Hahahahaha, Looks like fun! What! You didn’t find a drag strip? Lol, Enjoy your vacation and never mind YouTuber take sometime for yourself’s amigos 😎🏁

    MUSTANG 5.0

    Liked that one. Something a little different for the fans (me), but still entertaining on the mustang with the gt350 and mamba references. It definitely never ends….keeps getting better


    Sausalito is even more expensive real estate than San Francisco, and San Fran has some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Congrats on the Dream Vacation.

    I will die on my feet , before i live on my knees

    A green mamba. Lol.

    CJ Moore

    Your wife says your Motto Better and she is 1,000,0000% MORE Beautiful and intelligent than you!……LOL!! KEEP ON ROCKING! Glad you are having fun!


    Anyone else like, “LOOK! a free GoPro!” Lol. I keed.

    Tony Amarillas

    Great video. I've been told the Golden Gate bridge is always in a state of maintenance. They're always painting parts of it. Once its been completely painted…it's time to start over again. Interesting tidbit.

    Good Vibes

    Such an insane car

    Lord Darmok

    I laughed so hard the part with the slow minivan.the way you pulled out onto the highway.first thing I said was StangMode knows my tricks.

    Daniel Roberson

    Your wife is way prettier than that Shelby GT350.

    Travis Hinton


    Lamont Douglas

    Nice family blessed

    NORCAL GT Rick

    Looks like a great family trip. Enjoy!


    Awesome bro California just gets better as you go north traffic is a nightmare in frisco 🔴🇺🇸🔧👍

    damon parker

    Hey StangMode, how can i get the opportunity go to some of the Ford special driving events like you do. I a die hard Ford gut with 4 Lincoln/Ford in my stable. I see the look on your face at these events and be like yep i wanna do that,lol. Appreciate the Vids Keep putting them out.

    Fury 550


    Gary Milot

    Nice, happy for you and the family.

    Lynda Hammel

    Your wife has a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh. Your daughter is adorable. I'm happy that you and your family had such a nice vacation.

    James Batey

    When I was a kid me and my brothers used to run around Alcatraz they weren’t as strict as they are now I live a hour in half away from San Francisco I hate driving there at lest you were on the other side not as bad keep the good content up appreciate what your doing good stuff It was awesome you’re family look like you’re having fun


    It has only gotten better. Never end production of the engine.


    Live the content bro. My hat goes off to Ford.

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