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Tri-power Oldsmobile Super 88 and forgotten cars that must go! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 59

Main Tri-power Oldsmobile Super 88 and forgotten cars that must go! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 59

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    In this episode of “Barn Find Hunter,” Tom teams up with Davin Reckow, from our “Redline Rebuild” series, to unearth a large collection of forgotten classics.


    This show should have so many more views.

    Shock Wave

    Somebody please buy Tom a proper flashlight! Another great video full of discoveries, well done Tom…


    That Olds was beautiful! I hope some of those nice cars find good homes and are put back on the road again. Great find!

    TristansAdventures t

    My dad and i used to build and restore cars and we would go up and ask people to see them or buy them and we ran into way to many crazies in the early 2000's from threatening to kill us. beat us up, Shoot at us or in the Air to my sons going to restore it and he is like 2 years old and wont even want to as the phone will be plastered to his face. I remember cars from when i was a kid that are now to far gone. We asked a guy if he wanted to sell a 67 Firebird and he shot at us. This was in oregon.


    Four door model A is a Briggs body.


    Amazing video and find, all best to the family.
    Also what blows my mind is the amount of wood the guy has around and a lot of it looked really good quality


    What a great video man


    I cant add much more to this great video because most of the previous comments already did, thumbs up !

    manic mechanic

    If only I had money. I want the olds.


    Loved this but hated it to end! Please do a "follow-up" on at least some of these cars!?

    Andrew Thacker

    A 352 isn't a Y-block, its an FE


    Omg 😱😱😱😱 what a place to fins fingers crossed these classics are saved

    Peter Scandlyn

    Astounding stuff turning up there!

    Jake Acquaviva

    Is anyone else dying to know what motor is in that Woody?


    Love the show, look forward to the next episode… Tom Cotter is  one very cool guy…

    Michael C

    My grandmother is going through demintia/alzheimers right now. It's hard to witness when your memories are filled with them at their best state of mind. God bless your dad. Cool to see his life's work unveiled for the world

    Chris Blore

    Again another great episode. I think there are a lot of us that would give anything to spend a day with you on your finds.
    You make my day every time you post a new episode.
    Thanks again for all you give for us to enjoy.



    Cameron Schick

    Im blown away that these were so close to home ive deiven past that place for years wondering… many questions were answered today, thankyou for the video

    Mark Breuninger

    I love the 57 Oldsmobile. My mothers girlfriend used to let me drive her 57 2dr hardtop. Fun car to drive. Can't wait to see more of this car.

    Daver G

    Come on guys…flashlights are cheap. Great show as usual

    EA. jam

    Tom is google of old cars , respect .


    no post = hard top


    unreal, DO NOT CRUSH any of those vehicles FFS, DONATE THEM


    My uncle had that Olds with the tri power ,but it was a hardtop …..yellow, drove it into the ground ,then left it sit ,rusted away………back then it was just a car. had a lot of issues with the power windows and seats.


    I would say this has been my favorite episode to date!!!!!!!   Blows my mind.  Thank you and looking forward to the pt. 2   Matt C.

    King Naem

    The legendary davin is here!!

    333 999

    Looks like Davin bought himself an Oldsmobile convertible. We'll see more of that. Good Luck Davin.

    Nor Cal Dave

    What a fine…thank you

    Matt Ryan

    Thanks Tom for finding this goldmine !! Please please please don't crush the old stuff !!!

    jace keeton

    i know i am getting more seasoned,,, lol i love this.. 😂

    Dennis Rodrigues

    Tom, I’m blown away. So cool. Thx👍🏼🇧🇲


    Hands down the best you tube channel period!!

    KM RC Adventure

    She should have a car auction and make some money fix one up for herself.


    I hope davin found an engine or something for redline rebuilds. Bound to be something interesting there.

    Patrick Seals

    These old guys hoard this stuff and their kids scrap it when their gone. Im glad this family had the sense to save some of the neat restorable cars.


    What an amazing find I hope someone saves them thank the family for sharing that with us

    Keith Johnson

    Oh to be continued, how fun! The '53 Mercedes ponton will be worth some money, if there's anything left. I had a '59 190, was my first car.


    I'll take the Citroen 2CV !

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