Monday, March 20, 2023

Trim Restorer on my Saab 9-3 – A MUST for Any Old Car!

Main Trim Restorer on my Saab 9-3 – A MUST for Any Old Car!

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    Saab Tech

    Believe it or not, I have found that using automatic transmission fluid on the plastic trim works great. A number of treatments over a few weeks soaks into the plastic and brings it back to life. Does not take a lot of fluid. Keep a bottle of ATF and a dedicated cloth with your detail stuff, and you are good to go.

    Darren Burke

    Well Done Mate, all the effort was worth it , she looks sharp 3:)


    There's two different paint codes on that.

    Robin Forrest

    Cool. Your 9-3 looks to be in much the same state as my 1999 9-5 2.0t. I have the same issues with paint – grey/white patches on the roof like yours on the boot and it's starting on the bonnet. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle this. My car's really not worth enough to justify a respray.
    For my blackwork and windscreen wiper arms on various cars I've used black heat resistant satin spray paint (recommended for ovens, stoves, bbqs etc) it goes on well and dries quickly to a nice clean satin/semi matt finish and it lasts a very long time – no peeling or fading 2 years on.
    On my mate's Renault Master white van I used a heat gun on the black plastic bumpers and trim and the result was amazing! Totally free too if you already have a heat gun (apart from your electricity bill) which is great for tight fisted b******s like me haha.
    I have tried various plastic trim renovators over the years, but found that after a few months of French summer sunshine and heat they quickly fade to grey again. It all depends what the composition is, but most sold in Europe seem to be oil based to some degree and the finish doesn't last over time and UV assault.
    The black paint however is still good after 2 years.
    Catch you in the next one.

    Whit Siever

    If it were me (and it might be in a few weeks) front bumper marker lights instead of masking, just pop them off with a flat head takes 3 seconds.
    Use tie rod end remover tool to pop wiper arms off to remove wiper mesh and do separately across ground


    There is another plastic piece, that could be restored, the one by the hood at the window wipers. Its pretty easy to remove.

    Cardboard Sliver

    "As you can see , you have some nicer body panels then you have other body panels that are atrocious, the roof way gone"

    * Looks outside *
    * Cries in bad Jet Black Metallic paint *

    Whit Siever

    1900-July 2019: "My dog ate it"
    August 2019-present: "My brother restored the molding trim on his car"


    Is that trim restorer just silicone based like back to black, will just wash off. 🤔. That's alot of masking for that 😭 I'd of just painted the trim for real with paint to suit

    Vince vojtko

    Try turtle wax trim restorer. Gel based product. Much easier to apply, lasts a summer, no peeling. Used in on my arc, also hides wax residue.

    marko nikitovic

    Great job dude
    I would love to live somewhere close to you 💪

    Brandon Ogden

    I put on a ceramic coating instsead of wax. It repels better, and I get much less water spots after a rain, also, the ceramic coating lasts much longer.

    Darren Occhiuzzo

    Just found me a cream puff of a 2010 Saab 9-3 “xwd” , just converted the rear coils and shocks from the factory (blown) setup to heavier springs from summit and “normal “ shock absorbers, LOVE the ride and drive of Saab’s, can’t wait for crap weather- in NJ….

    David Fogel

    Getting my first 9-3 next weekend. Followed your videos since last year since the idea grew in my head. Quality content as usual. Thanks !

    iso kasa

    Why did you waste white paper for that? normally you'd use newspapers for covering areas from paint but I guess it's your choice afterall

    Nathaniel Couey

    I'm so happy to see someone keeping these "dead" vehicle brands alive. I'm trying my best to do the same with my Oldsmobile. Looking forward to the paint work in the next video. My burgundy isn't looking too sharp itself.


    Do you have a fresh paint job on your list of goals for the ARC?

    Boogeyman B

    Black wax also works on plastic trims

    Viktor Dimitrovski

    scratch would make a difference on that paint! especially if you use it with a machine or a drill attachment.

    me me

    Besides the roof….. you could totally do a wet sand + Compound, Polish. Get a cheap DA polisher from Harbor freight. Those swirls and hazyness would come right out. Taking it to get repainted will cost LOTS more.
    Also instead of masking off the trim check this guys channel out. (
    Those trim pieces are easily removable.. save you time. I love Megs, but that Trim restorer will not hold up in AZ sun. With fallout and rain they will fade again in a year. Look into SEM 39143 Black aerosol trim. If you remove those pieces and paint you will never have to touch them again.

    Dennis Spors

    So much work but it has been fun. The aero manual is still a fun car

    Dennis Spors

    I had to have the roof , truvk and hood repainted. It had the same faded marks. Used a die product on the trim and it lasts longer. The plastic on the Saab is so cheap


    It's why I bought a silver car heh

    Fix It Up 219

    We are installing gloss black painted door handles to get rid of the flat black handles

    Fix It Up 219

    Why not install 08+ front clip /doors and rear bumper…
    Then have the whole car painted


    Nice timing, just about getting annoyed by the trim on my 05 9-3 turning very.. light-gray :/

    Brenden Pragasam

    Dude restorer is just clear coat in a fancy bottle… Just use some standard uv resistant clear coat and you're fine

    Jarrus Killa

    should just wrap the car


    Let us know later about the longevity of the "Ultimate Black". I tried "Forever Black" – Cleaned/degreased first, it's a brush on, so it left brush marks, even after about 6 coats. One wash later, it's flaking off. Garbage…… dropped the rest of the bottle in the "bin". If yours still looks good in a month, I'm doing it.


    Looks like good stuff for $10
    I usually use Armourall.

    R E

    You need to start out with sandpaper

    Austin Williams

    I used an orbital to cut and polish on my 03 Arc (also midnight blue) and it made a big difference. I’ll admit though, that roof isn’t gonna buff out. Lol.

    Steven Lopez

    Hey boi

    Khalid Khalifa

    Khalidkhlifa Merci safi Maroc Tank York


    I enjoy the These videos with the older 9-3! Cleaning it and making it nice!

    BuUtY EaTer

    Ima try to do all this to my dads Saab really just did some wax but ooof it lacks on some stuff also would that paint work on the side skirts of my dads car

    I suck at Videogamez

    Keep the history alive

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