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True No Hands Driving! 2019 Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise

Main True No Hands Driving! 2019 Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise

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    What’s it like to drive 140 miles without touching the throttle, brakes or steering wheel? And is that driving or riding? Tom Voelk drives from Seattle to Portland on …

    Tony Wellington

    stupid gimmick

    Tony Wellington

    what an UGLY CHEAP looking interior

    byron Rideaux

    Cadillac will probably be the only GM brand that will still sell sedans


    Hi Tom! I like your style and your videos. Keep it going! You are almost at 100K. All the best to you from Hungary, Europe! 😉

    Matthau San

    I subscribed Tom


    Tom, been enjoying your videos for years. See you are close to 100k. I want to help you out. Dirtfish. That's right, I said Dirtfish. Google it. (It's right in your backyard). You do a video on Dirtfish, and boom, 100k easy. (Also, will be the most fun you've ever had in a car. I recommend at least the day class for you, or squeeze them for a deal on the 3-day class since you will bring them tons of business)…


    Wall-E people are coming… damm autonomous driving is the wrong direction for humankind ….

    Henry Chen

    on 0:07 makes me feel sad. Tom is absolutely one of the best car journalist that I have ever seen. His channel is super underrated. Perfect point of view, no pressure length of video time, and no unnecessary extra information, only keep the goodies! When I first seen his review back to 2017, I thought he must have million subscribers already because the quality of work! Keep up the good work, Tom! Thank you!

    David G

    Tom, I've heard — via "The Straight Pipes" boys — that the Kia Telluride has the best autonomous driving system. Any truth to that?

    Art by Atlas

    Glad I subscribed to your channel–I dig the style of the videos and the thoroughness of the reviews!

    Franklin Sharp

    Cadillac has "Russian Doll syndrome" same car different sizes.

    chuckwalla 2

    I made a vow never to waste my money on a Cadillac ever again and intend to keep it that way.


    Remember when Cadillac was relevant? I DON'T!

    Femi Ogunsola

    Correction Tom. CT6 will still be produced. It is not discontinued

    Nick Lum

    Thanks so much for doing a deep dive on the semi-autonomous features! It's really important to understand the pros/cons of the various systems—and it's hard to get a good sense of the limitations during a quick test drive (our local Toyota dealership let me go all of one exit on the freeway). 

    It's especially useful to get the insider info that Cadillac will offer OTA updates. Other companies don't offer this, and it's good to know which vehicles will get better over time (and which will be stuck in the past). Thank you!

    Cecil L

    Lol that intro.

    Can’t wait till you have 1 million subs Tom!

    As always, loved the review. Great dialogue, great camera angles, ….adequate jokes haha.

    YouTube community! Let’s write this wrong. Start subscribing to Driven now!!

    J Brat

    Great review and Great Car👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Car Story

    Crazy nice car. Crazy good review. Great job!


    Super Cruise is stupid. that.s what I'm for. just adds to the cost and I don't need it.


    I don't know how he doesn't have at least 250k subs

    James Davies



    Everyone! Let's get Tom to 100K! There isn't a more deserving car reviewer out there! Great channel, great content, and great reviewer.


    Fabulous review. Love the CT6 and ELR!


    CT6-V next please!

    PD Lynch

    Loved the review, especially the ugly sunglasses 😎. That is a sharp looking car, I’ve always wanted a Cadillac…but ended up with an Odyssey that I am very fond of and is rock solid…but if I could afford a Cadillac… thanks for the smiles and making Tuesday my favourite day of the week!

    V White

    This is a GM product, so, Congratulations! You're not dead.


    Excellent review as always, Tom! How on earth do you not have 1M subs?!

    freeman Geiger

    Love the CT6. They're.probably kicking themselves for not developing a SUV off the platform. And STOP all the platform sharing with non luxury brands.


    Tom – Never would have imagined you would refer to Sponge Bob Square Pants in one of your videos! 😂👍


    I really enjoy the autonomous driving features in my Mercedes, although it does ping pong a bit more than I would like. I do agree it makes long distance driving, and even stop and go traffic much less stressful. I can't wait for this technology to get to the next level!

    Juan Diego Arenas

    Stupid Cadillac that doesn't let me see Spongebob Squarepants


    Great review of the Super Cruise. My wife recently acquired an E450 Wagon with Merc's autonomous driving features. I was skeptical at first, you know being a "driver" and all, but the system has won me over on long highway drives. We pulled off a 350 mile interstate drive one day, and while the system on the Merc requires a hand on the wheel, it did all of the driving. I found it to be more relaxing than most highway trips.

    Charlie Montero

    Thanks for the video excellent review is a beautiful car


    Looks good. Too bad about the headlight tears.

    Artur Eff

    Now just the other night with nothin' to do
    We broke a case of proof 102

    And started itchin' for that wonderful feel

    Of rollin' in an automobile

    You could say we was out of our mind

    And let me tell you we were flyin' while blind

    iamin youout

    Cadillac sucks looks outdated &will nose dive in value

    Jesse James

    You deserve way more subscribers!


    I'd love to know how you wound up with a Cadillac ELR.
    The reviews were lackluster even at launch and it seemed wildly overpriced.
    I would never have guessed you owned one.
    Did you win it?

    Craig Smith

    Still enjoying the channel and appreciate all the work. Come on world, it doesn’t seem right that Tom’s not at 250k+.

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