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    GET THAT NEW JUNK MERCH!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.


    Mustangs suck

    Braden Wuesthoff

    Who would have thought that scumbag rudnik would be driving matt mormans mustang

    Saggy Matts

    My two favorite YouTubers

    Joseph Mastromarino

    I love when YouTubers that are real friends collaborate it really comes through on camera

    Joseph Mastromarino

    Carlos cracks me the fuck up

    Nick Sperlein

    Chris is so wholesome. It’s so contagious, this video made my night.

    Dustin Steele

    Heaven yeah!!!

    Seth Vangelder

    Adam needs to ride in the civic

    DabEz ko

    Dude you had me dying. “Wow this thing fucking hums huh”

    Anthony Hernandez

    Fuck a helmet

    Do Something Fun

    Needs new speakers at the house

    Robert Morales

    Next upload from Adam “Rudnik broke the Shelby. Rodknock???”

    Lowkey_ jay

    Adam money rudnik

    Anndy Diaz

    If he rages it i rage it but the problem is adam got more money than me LMFAO that line had my dying gotta love rudnik

    New edge Bryan

    You should get a 5 oh


    Connecticut boy driving a mustang….

    Erik Gonzalez

    One of my favorite videos, not gonna lie. LZ x Junk collab is definitely an 11/10.

    Boost it Racing

    Title Text Here

    Blake Graves

    dude pulled like 4 buses on you https://youtu.be/_3DDrQXIiWg?t=1004

    Tom Fitz

    this is the funniest shit ever. As always, love the vids. Keep up the great work Chris. 9:57

    Harvey Bluntman

    title text here

    Harvey Bluntman

    5.0 mustangs are badass dude, but thats a money car for sure. i dont know that feel

    dustin garvin

    How can I get a junk banner ?

    Bryan Flowers

    Chris needs to meet cleetus

    Juan Carreon

    Just got a windshield banner for my honda

    Skyler Farris

    Hahaha Adam crop dusted you


    10:00 – I was gonna buy a shirt, saw this. outty now

    The Lude 915

    Those wheels look good Rudnik

    rodknockspec! !

    Hope i dont crash into a crown lmao

    Cody Yang

    I also used to think that mustangs weren’t a very great car with all of the memes with it. Until my parents came home one day with a 2015 along with a stock turbo. I’m still young and don’t have a lot of experience with cars so, 325 hp is still a lot for me in a way. But ever since that car came home I look at mustangs in a different light. 🤩❤️

    Free 6ix9ine


    Eric Kirkpatrick

    U gotta hit that Bernie dance now cuz 😂 iya buy hella merch

    B Rabbit

    I died at 10:00 when you were kicking in the air

    Ryan Botting

    Surprised you didnt get demonetized for adam playing those jams in the background

    juelz santana

    “Yeah I would’ve let you take the gt3 but you smell like old Doritos” 😂😂😂 I agree Adam


    What’s up shit stain


    Mustang sounds lovely

    et cœtera

    0:40 should there be a 。at the end of the JDM junk shirt and not a .

    caleb collins

    They are listening to pure cocaine at Adams lol he cut the video before it said it everytime

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