Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Trying To Run Some Better Times With Hondaru!

Main Trying To Run Some Better Times With Hondaru!

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    Danny Moua

    Emilio loves rocking the lumberjack flannel. 😂

    chad patterson

    So much potential. Damn you STI tranny


    Emilio…… Dude own ya shiz bro…… Don't give up the keys so easy?….. Fix ya box and own it man. Pfft don't listen to me….. I drive a commodore…. Stupid Aussies! Lol. Nice trap. See that again soon with a slick box and some balls hey?


    once again kyle missing 3/4 shift XD

    Daniel Brown

    run a 50:50 mix of DEX3 and 80w gear oil. the friction modifiers in the dex3 will help

    Fredrik Bergström

    its no evo without the wing, then its a lancer 😉

    madmunki creations

    sounds like the syncro's might be slow try a lighter oil with a higher temp rating in the trans, if not maybe the syncro's are sticking under the heat from the hard launches but it goes hard.


    I do not know what you did inside the tranny so i wont comment on that but your cars not going to trap higher you're deep into the rev limiter at the lights. So don't expect better mph unless you get taller tires or turn the limiter up. As for the tranny i'm betting it still has the blockers and stock dogs in it. It's decaying so if it twer me I'm have gforce or someone go thru it and do a face plate mod to it for faster shifts.. Impressive little car for the altitude, but that stock tranny needs some love and longer gears wont do you a bit of good if 4th is 1 to 1 like this tranny is.

    Daniel Östman

    you need a good built trans, that subaru trans cant handle the rpm

    madchanics garage

    I know at times you dred editing all the footy you get, so we really appreciate the uploads.

    Zeta Darus

    need that AWD Dyno to work ASAP, and a 07 trans , then hondaru will be a rocket !


    Lightweight high hp hondas is one to never race.

    JM D

    Get a built trany or at least something better than the current trans. We want to see emilio run 10s.

    Ben Smith

    Defiant Motorsports.
    Maybe the clutch is not disengaged at hi rpm being a twin plate. Try running through gears on dyno.

    Razor Rushing

    He never looked at the cadi



    Michael Rivera

    Looks like Emilio also needs a sequential


    Where the good news intro ?!? :O plz kyle keep put the good new intro in video !

    Jurgen Meiling

    Nice video as always en when hondaru is good you cona make Nice numbers i know for sure

    Geert ter Harmsel

    remove the short-shifter


    Emilio watching his gauges like fuck fuck fuck

    James Holbrook

    You are so transphobic

    Kyle Beckingham

    Is it a built box or stock box? Would a dog box work @boostedboiz??

    Will Maddox

    Emilo please get a new front bumper and tidy up that hood.


    Alright I know this will probably not get seen but worth a shot. Ever since we raised the RPM to 8k redline on my STi, I have had issues getting it into gear. A lot of times it's mainly the 4th gear. I was told to try 2QT – Redline Lightweight Shockproof and 2L – Motul Gear 300 mix. Drained my tranny fluid and did the "Coctail Mix" and it shifts super smooth and I don't have issues with it anymore. The syncros are probably bad but this does band-aid the shifting issue and allows it to go into gear easier.

    WeGaming Boy

    Take that short shifter out they suck in Subaru tranny’s my opinion man

    Wrist Game Icy you feel me

    Just fuckin shift it Jesus


    Enable No lift shift and get a hydro e brake to load up the gear for a better take off

    TeeMex Martin

    Have you guys tried to adjust the cmc rod and make it stiffer or trying a 01 integra cmc?? Maybe Subaru one no bueno..

    Edgar Caceres

    I don't kwon if it's related but with all the 8thgen civic si there's a problem with the stock cmc and sometimes it can be fixed with a proper adjustment from the clutch pedal 😉 maybe you could try it out !!

    dawie botes

    04’ sti gearbox Syncro problems costing Amelio SECONDS on that strip! Get the 08’ gearbox, it bangs into gear at 9k rpm

    Ron Rhoades

    random dude gonna get shot he keeps that shit up you jump in my car as far as i am concerned your trying to steal it and i shoot first and start asking later

    Thomas Callahan

    Thise gold teeth…haha

    Luke Bodnar

    Built motor on 04 trans. Stop messing about and dog box that shit

    Ben long

    I thought hondaru was meant to be 1000hp car

    Chase Meyer

    If you can’t fix the shifting at all the last resort can be a sequential

Viewing 37 posts - 1 through 37 (of 37 total)
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