Thursday, March 23, 2023

Turbo AWD Civic Takes Down Mclaren!

Main Turbo AWD Civic Takes Down Mclaren!

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    What civic is that monster a 2000 ex??


    You guys are so down to Earth and nice and get the job done. Love your channel. Kyle and everyone else.

    Ashtyn Moulton

    If you watch very closely the mclarren pushed the brakes a little


    New challenge take a shot everytime you here YUP or YEAH .. lol

    Joe Martin

    I can not believe the ending to this video. How criiiinngy. It's like a bad high school quote in a year book when the couple breaks up. 😐😐😐😐😐😐


    If it's nitro boost, that to me is not the way to win. It's all about natural boost turbo, super charged no nitros.

    Blake Johnson

    hell yah congrats roman! been waiting for that for a long time.

    Mark Heron

    You boosted guys can’t shift for shit..


    LOL phong just made that wrench in his trailer lmao

    Matthew Doherty

    i dont get why hes so excited about a 10.5 with a 8 second car.

    Joe Em1.

    The grinch sounding cocky af watch hondaru take him down 😂


    That is such a cool idea that law enforcement actualy encourages to go fast in a somewhat safe and controled way. Thumbs up for your state troopers 🙂

    Jeffery Fulkerson

    We found something Kyle can do..stand on the sideline n comment


    Grinch vs Hondaru, we need it bad

    Andersonk L4

    Honda power is real


    That is pretty awesome the cop thing at the track!

    Grayson Burrell

    Launch in second


    Hondaru wyaaa?????

    Mike Berrios

    Grinch would probably run 9s if it had a hood and bumper lol

    Michael Valdez

    Am I the only one that notices romans harness straps are loose as fuck

    *Blu Gods*

    Really cool of the highway patrol imo

    Jesper Mortensen

    Great video! 🙂


    Congrats Roman! Great to see it finally working good for him after all this time.

    Kevin Albarran

    If Roman can no lift shift that car, it’ll trap a good bit higher . That turbo is big, he’s got to keep it spooled or he’ll loose momentum.

    Lee Good

    You know that every time you say "10—4" you gotta follow it up with "rubber duckie" 🤗

    Dana Thomas

    Roman have you thought about taking off in 2nd cause the car doesn't go anywhere and you're on the rev limiter in first. You might want to try just to see how it will launch


    mclaren didnt two step or anything? brake boost?

    Kar Garage

    Kyle lowkey got dad jokes.
    “Makin sandwiches between the shifts”
    Race car dad jokes

    Peter Dudas

    LOL the supercar wont let you two foot it off the line, LMAO. you would think the car would at least come with a "track mode" button… or is that a $35,000 option??

    Shawn Walker

    Are y’all planning on attending HDAY

    kenneth sims

    Poor McLaren guy just saw his 400k go up in flames

    My Damn Channel

    But at the end of the day, you still only have a Turbo AWD Civic and he drives a Mclaren lol.

    A 1

    Cant grab second to save his life lol

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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