Monday, March 27, 2023

Turbo AWD Civic TWISTS the Driveshaft!

Main Turbo AWD Civic TWISTS the Driveshaft!

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    Ted Bear

    25:00 Moon tune eats a drive shaft LOL

    Ted Bear

    16:30 Sick ride bro LOL

    Ted Bear

    9.3 SHES THERE!!!!!

    Ted Bear

    NOOOOOOOOOO not the grinch :((((( FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Roman noodles lmao!



    Mike Banks

    Wheel hop is mean even with just 600 any car will spit broken parts out like e 85 fumes out the exshaust pipe!

    Pittsburgh kid 412

    Nobody going to say anything about the oil dipstick top popping off and leaking all over the windshield smh


    "thedriveshaftshop" sells custom "made to order" carbon fiber driveshafts that are made for drag racing, I suggest checking out their site, carbon fiber driveshafts are now affordable & are the way to go imo!

    Sushi island

    on the dudes first hit you can see his stick come out and oil flying everywhere

    Amadeus Gonzalez

    Looks like the carrier bearing having play made it candy cane or noodle

    Derrick Hart

    Dip stick came out on launch lol motor oil on the wind shield from the dip stick tube

    Pena Muuri

    Atleast it run 1 pass

    1Corinthians15 1through4

    The grinch cant steal christmas this year with a broken driveshaft.

    Noah Martin

    Romans hoodie is priceless in this video race it break it fix it repeat lmao

    Jasmine & Father Garage

    Roman just giggling hard at the back of that jeep heheh . Love it 🇨🇦

    Shane Olson

    Roman never has a bad day, he is just positive vibes all around. He wanted an 8 second pass, and all he got was a pretzel

    Prince Li

    Prelude and Grinch gotta run a pass together. Aha

    Nay B

    Kyle you ever get rid of Roman on this channel I will be so pissed! Hes fuckin jokes! Can be 2 in the morning and you 2 are still laughing.. look after him man!

    Captain K_series

    Dipstick “aight imma head out”

    Lola Sunnyshock

    Buy a carbon fiber one, see on rob dahm he buyed one

    Hussain bu Hamad

    You need a clutch slip valve to avoid breaking parts and het lower et's

    Kennith Safford

    romans laugh i swear could cheer up the pope lol

    Nomad 9173

    Turn the driveshaft into a trophy! Insanneeeeeee

    Kevin Tucker

    That AMC Eagle wagon is the shit!

    John Klem

    Fire your driveshaft builder, if a Honda can break it, it's junk.

    Kevin Tucker

    Pushed the oil dip stick out.

    Kyle H

    Romans shirt is as wrinkled as the driveshaft

    johnny outlaw

    Roman noodles shirt would instantly sell out

    Is that the dipstick coming out?
    And is that water?

Viewing 32 posts - 1 through 32 (of 32 total)
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