Thursday, March 23, 2023

Turbo X SOC Prep – Paint Work/Wax, Interior Clean, and Trim Restorer! (Part 2)

Main Turbo X SOC Prep – Paint Work/Wax, Interior Clean, and Trim Restorer! (Part 2)

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    Sebastian Wilkey

    As a Pro Detailer, please stop making videos about you Detailing your Saab. You are giving people the wrong idea and you are doing it all wrong.

    Jx Po

    Hope you're having fun in CO. Really nice job on the paint. Love the purple-ish tint that the "black" Turbo X paint has. So much depth to it in the right light.

    Eóin MacLean

    Big up for Meguiar’s. My ‘06 9-5 is black and I use their compound followed by gold class wax to bring out the sheen and lustre :).

    me me

    Go to harbor freight… get a DA polisher.. cheap. Thank me later. Wash and clay if needed. Then compound/polish. Meguires M105 then M205. Or you could use Ultimate compound/Ultimate polish. After that you could even get cheap bottle of Megs Ceramic spray wax. That black car will be like a mirror. It looked good….. But, doing that you WILL see a difference.


    Colour waxes bullshit. 😆. You waxed on waxed off nothing happened . Dude get the panels repainted if you want perfection. It's a car worth it 😎


    Why do you still have the swedish plates for the Turbo X on?


    Good work. Hope you didn't drive thru any rain on the way to SOC. ;0)

    Boogeyman B

    I prefer to buy a new car instead to live after dead car…soon or later the old car will present issues

    Fredrik Björling

    Please show better after results on the paint chips specifically, i got the same problem with my Saab 9-3

    Jonas Olsson

    Side mirrors are aluminium, best is to sand them down and repaint. Easy to get good results using spray cans at home.

    Martin Clarke

    Top job inside and out i know what its like living with a 298 black 93 😂

    Greg Wensman

    Did you think about clay baring the car first? I just did that on my TX and I was surprised how much stuff I removed.
    Can you use a buffer on the wax ?

    Tom Spencer

    Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip to/from SOC. Hack: quick clean, degrease, detail under hood.

    Needed :2 full cans WD40, one and spray bottle degreaser cleaner

    Start with a cool engine bay.

    Spray entire visible engine bay with first can WD40 particularly spraying greasy areas until saturated.

    Spray entire engine bay with degreaser and spray off residue with hose nozzle.

    Leave hood up for about an hour to partly drip/dry.

    Spray entire engine bay again with second can of WD40 to displace water and leave a light shiny film.

    You’re done. Start the car and drive as needed or until dry.

    Takes less than 20 minutes.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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